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  1. Here are the class pictures for the 2010-11 series:
  2. Yeah those pit popsies will talk to anybody. Apparently Rick told them he was the famous Race driver Andrea Likestitsalotie. They couldn't get enough of him
  3. Howdy all. Long time no talk. Just a few pictures taken today while we get ready for the result (sorry, not much variety. Was doing product shots while the rally was being run): You probably aren't going to believe me, but this was an action shot.....
  4. I'm going to have to pull out. I was all enthused, but I simply won't have the time over the next few weeks to get my shite in order. You can reduce the entry down to 29 and let the next guy join! Cheers
  5. Wouldn't mind taking his wife for a lap either....awww god, I am awful
  6. Why fit track call buttons. If the car falls off, the car falls off, as long as you are consistent in getting the car back on. Could of sworn I didn't see any "Track Call" buttons used at the last real rally I watched.
  7. Yes, please round the edges on mine (if its not too late!)
  8. Just a couple of Piccies: Cars on the Dummy Grid: The Drivers: FCC Trying not to crash First Heat of the night The Podium
  9. I concur. Nothing wrong with the handling of your cars at all, its just that there were a few faster ones!
  10. For me personally, it simply didn't have the motor as other cars. In qualifying it really took a decent amount of time to get "wound up" and get a fast lap out of it and it was hard to reproduce. I think this was for me simply because you had to get it absolutely perfect. I will let the other guys comment if they wish.
  11. Morning all, I gotta admit that running a race on your track is always a highlight. OK, granted, the entry is a lot smaller then in the past, but I would say the quality was there. (jeez, I remember the first Proxy event we ever ran here. 30 odd cars, finished at 2:00am in the morning, but we had timing issues (the system could only take 20 cars) and didn't know what we were doing) Like I said above, it was also good to see that we hardly had any mechanical issues. It makes the night just that bit more fun. Thanks for GZminiz for letting us have a race. To everyone who entered, I hope we drove the cars to their potential. I hope we can keep the yearly DUPR series running. It would be a shame to see it disappear. I hope the series remains to be clean (as it is thus far) and people start to build their interest back up. Cheers
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