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  1. Hi All,


    Please see pics of the new H and F bodies which are available now at the same price of $25.00.


    Improvements include:

    * More detailed, realistic looking body. Front splitters now more detailed.

    * Clearly defined cut lines with tech check marks to prevent racers cutting the bodies too low.

    * Flexible side mirrors, flexible antenna, light bucket inserts, light masks, black vinyl cut window outlines with application backing, wiper, side netting, chrome mirrors and chrome drivers visor all included.

    * Defined lines on the body to line up all masks.

    * More detailed interior includes silver flexible chord for gear shift, suspension adjustment levers and air duct to the back of drivers helmet.

    * H body includes a black grill backer to fill out the look of the front grill if using Pattos decals.

    * F body has embossed mesh into the front grill on the lexan.

    * Flexible wing sides and lexan wing.

    * No longer require the rear tank/splitter installed.

    * Aluminium body mounts and mounting sponge included.




    - Cam















  2. Hi All,


    Moving forward into 2018, a couple of changes to the V8 rules are going to be made. These changes will be in force at the Hornsby enduro.


    1: 55mm roof height mounted on the chassis with guide out of play. New release bodies won't be checked for roof height however, tech check marks in the sil lines on the body must be visible so don't remove lexan above the cut lines. Also the front splitter on the new bodies must be visible.

    2: I've finished the new Hldn and Frd is almost finished (about 2 weeks away). The new bodies will NOT be supplied with the rear splitter/tank and won't be included in the rules. The original bodies still have to run the rear splitter as per existing rules.




    - Cam

  3. Hi All,


    New release and available now, body kit comes with headlight buckets, rear splitter incorporating rear taillights, mirrors, antennas, detailed interior, flexible rear wing mounts and many vinyl cut transfers.











    - Cam

  4. I would prefer the dial type over the digital, but the digital has the advantage of reading imperial or metric. But that's just me!!



    Me too, no flat batteries, no coolant/water/oil problems and you can split the difference on the clock for slightly better accuracy.

  5. V8 utes are now available in 2 models and build instruction links are up on my website.


    Some key features:


    * Bodies suit the existing chassis which makes for an easy class change.

    * Improved vac forming process.

    * Clear cut lines and window/light outlines in lexan.

    * Front and rear light buckets for a more realistic appearance.

    * More detailed interior.

    * Realistic scale wheel inserts available with the complete kit or sold separately if you wish to change your existing chassis.


    Thanks for everyones support, more products to come this year.




    - Cam

  6. Finally got a car ready for Melbourne this weekend. Running a old school Plafit 1800 with a tweak or 2, not expecting to keep up the hot shot Red Roos or Johnson cars but looking forward to making up the numbers.










    - Cam

  7. Great event, very enjoyable racing at a great slot car centre. Well done to team Linfox, drove their car really well to pick up the win.


    Shout out to team mate Jim who was feeling well and truly under the weather just before qualifing, soldiered on and drove like a champ.

    Nice to see the class adopted in ACT, all the cars on the track were solid performers well done.


    Big thanks to Steve, Michael and Mitch, the event wouldn't have been what it was without your tireless efforts.


    Lookng forward to the next one.




    - Cam

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