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  1. i haven't repainted any 1/32 scale rtrs. i do have a few white ones from fly(blank) upon applying decals, what sort of clear paint is compatile to this finish? i remember spraying a ninco rtr with clear and it went dull. i am trying to decal a white fly with water slide decals
  2. buy australian "MJK" tyres i used them on mag,non mag, ninco,carrera ,and wood tracks i never told anyone about them whilst i was using them....... some guys were using slot.it and indy grips ..... my car just left them....
  3. just what is your problem with heatsink and pirate? I keep reading these posts which only seem to depict your bad side and your anger towards them. What started all this, i started the thread on their behalf( so i said "WE AT HSC") for the race to get a lot of publicity forthe race,but was flamed by stupid remarks from these people ,although i was keeping them informed of what i was saying and what i meant for the race. maybe the colour or race and/or these people are so jealous and trying hard to subdue my heavy enthusiasm for slot cars which i think they enjoy doing . i even put a challenge up but was even flamed harder if you enjoyed helping and racing so much, why aren't you their at all on saturday nights anymore. Have you raced in any of the 32nd scale racing since it started in the last 3 months my wife and daughter saw it first hand what they were@ HSC ,they felt bad when they were there. an eye surgery then after a couple of deaths in my family within the last four months last death was 22 august which i had to go overseas (i just arrived last week) slot cars are in the back seat at the moment may i ask that all flaming and stupid remarks be stopped and i be left alone
  4. i do not understand why . pirate and heatsink are bagging me? what for ? i was there to help out and i was there to have fun as well as get everyone on the ball too now heatsink .... if you have something against me why don't we settle this on the track your best car in your possesion against mine. besides you are the only one who has a negative post to this topic dale ,thats the way he is ,just talkative and just like me don't mean any harm so back off!!! enough of your mudslinging and lets get it over and done with i'll bet a million to one you can't even build your own car!!!! and just so jealous of other people out there who shows their work and their driving skills!!! this forum was meant to fish for more racers, not to create animosity like what you are doing!!! LETS RACE !!! and the main reason i wasn't attending was i had eye surgery due to the car accident i had.
  5. bump :dog: it would be nice to have a seres like this to start if hsc would really go for it. :haha:
  6. this is great,will it be raced (altenatively) on the big track too? weekly???forthnightly??? :dog: :haha: :haha: if this starts,i will donate a trophy for the concourse winning car(as long as it gets raced )
  7. may i suggest........ i had prepared a couple of NASCARS with plafit RTRs and peter dimmers has got one of them in the display counter,i do have the other one with me and whenever we do have some time we run them against each other. the cars are very even to each other as they have the same chassis and drivetrain. we raced against each other on both tracks it also would get some attention from the guys like plucka who said that if we race them they will/might come. guys like miro,slotbaker and some other guys have their NASCAR cars still in storage. although not of the same chassis,as we raced them before with a minimum weight limit,open gear ratio. but,the PLAFIT rtr chassis1300u ,13##,13## are all the same function. the tyres fitted to them are not as good as a Pro Track,but are still very good . "We would be interested to hear from any Auslot members who would care to make a suggestion for a class. What suggestions have you for a new 1/24 class??" slotbaker,you know what would i suggest ? GROUP 5 racing with minimum weight and controlled motor ,controlled tyre /wheel diameter and the rest is open.......and it would be good too ,to be raced on the big track (why doesn't my photos upload?) just my suggestions... cheers and good racing to everyone
  8. last time i lost a grub screw, next i lost the allen key,then i over tightened the bloody thing,stripping the lot. i took the wheels and gear to a mate who has got a tap .050 . he tapped it and i now am using the normal allen key and grub screws for the 1/24 and 1/32 commercial cars. it is much stronger .
  9. my hat and beany off to you. you are what we call model racing car builder. whats underneath?
  10. heatsink as you said you don't know who i am please feel free to talk to me and voice your opinion personally i am a good listener i believe, you must be reading this thread with negative thoughts . we at HSC have nothing like so . whatever we over the counter ,chat and post about each other has got no negativity between us. robert and peter knows what i post here and don't think ill of anything or anyone. all replies posted here are to attract and fish for more racers to come . it was actually i who congratulated MITCH for being such a good marshall the area he marshalls is the hardest part of the track the member named michael has just been there recently and has adrenalin running wildly whemn he races i also advised him to take it easy on his driving as it is not the marshalls fault thathe comes off. it s the driver that deslots ,not the marshall and i even offered him a drink ,but he declined the offer because they were going to maccas. see you at at races cheers and good racing
  11. 28th april round three of the ten race series boxstock 4 heats with 26 racers photos to follow
  12. way back in '97 or so, there was a track called anaconda near the airport. we were supposed to go there but failed to do so due to a lot of commitments. the track was the largest and longest in australia does anyone have any idea where this track went ,who the owners were ,what ever happened to their shop? just curious......... i 'll try to scan my old photos of it
  13. adapters can be dought over the counter for that conversion. if you think those motors that you chose are a bit too much for the car, try a rabbit, or an f100 cheers and good racing
  14. no he's not it is just a gesture that we miss him and he is one of the main instigator of thhese races my apologies if my words were misunderstood
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