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  1. Welcome. Have you searched the forum for any info? You might have found this page; "Australian Scale Model Nationals" You might get some info from previous events, and the organisers. Seeing that you have made only one post on this Forum, how about telling us a bit about yourself, and where are you located?
  2. Yeah, probably are, no argument there, then add in postage US$30. Not sure about the value @ AU$56 play money tho.
  3. This one was posted on another forum, and I find it a bit ammusing. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/193601989649 Really??
  4. Yes, James posted this on facebook; "Hornsby Slot Car's will be reopen as from Wednesday the 1st July under Covid 19 regulations, club racing as per the calendar with changes to be advised to catch up with missed rounds of the SRC, and to split some other classes to reduce the amount of people in the store at one time. More info on this to come in the next week or so, Wednesday night trucks will go ahead as planned for the 1st. If you are not well, do the right thing and stay away for the safety of all. Let's have some fun."
  5. Yes, these Ceramic Blocks work pretty well. The surface isn't bad (not perfectly flat) but if you get 2, and lap one against the other you end up with 2 reasonably good blocks. The blocks like Chris shows are spot on, but spensive.
  6. Last I heard in January, James (owner) was given a 12 month reprieve to the end of 2020, then COVID-19 hit and he was forced to close because of that. I think there is a chance HSC may resume for the rest of the year, once the restrictions are lifted, but not sure. HSC's days are numbered tho. :(
  7. Hi Rosco, you're going great, and learning heaps. The best lessons learned are those when we try something, and it doesn't quite work out right. We soon work out better ways. Just for interest, those 3 and 4 fluted cutters you mention are not slot drills. While they look the same, they are milling cutters (end mills). The subtle difference between end mills and slot drills, is that slot drills are ground on the end in such a way that the cutting edges cover the full diameter (centre cutting), and can be plunged into the work piece without a pilot drill. they can also be used for side cutting (like an end mill). End mills can't be plunged into the workpiece. You've got a pretty good workshop happening there. Looks like lotsa fun.
  8. A quick and simple way of getting flat bottomed holes of standard diameters in small jobs like this, is to use Slot Drills. Google or look on ebay to see what they're like. They are essentially centre cutting, 2 fluted, flat bottomed milling cutters that can bore straight into a work without a pilot drill Check them out after you've done this job with your 'special tool' Your lathe looks a bit lightweight, so start out with smallish dia bits (maybe 8mm to 13mm) to try if the lathe can handle them, but check what shank sizes are to see if they will fit in your chuck. I'd just get a couple of the cheapest HSS ones to try first.
  9. Success.... Many thanks to SlotsNZ and miveson for helping me with this little drama. Mike I. created the fix, and it works beautifully. And thanks to Auslot for being here. I couldn't have done it on my own.
  10. Mark, thanks for responding. PM sent.
  11. Hi Slots, Many thanks for responding, yes, I'm not sure why the menu options open in a new tab. They didn't originally, and not sure why it changed.
  12. DM, I just checked using Safari on my iPhone, and the problem appears there as well.
  13. Hi, thanks for responding. I have Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox loaded on Windows 10 PC (not Mac) and it occurs with all 3. Only difference I've noticed is that Explorer doesn't refresh back to the home page like Chrome and Firefox does.
  14. I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help me with a problem that has occurred on a car club website that I created many years ago, and still maintain. It has been working faultlessly up to now, and I'm not smart enough to fix it! :( A bit of background; - I'm self-taught, and use the now outdated MS Frontpage program for editing. - I'm a member of the car club, and I'm the voluntary webmaster. - The site is hosted by Crazy Domains. - The website address is studebakercarclubnsw.com - I'm not a programmer. So, about 5 days ago I casually went to the website and the home page opened momentarily, then changed to an all-white page with the single word "undefined" appearing in the top left corner. At first, I couldn't get to get to any other part of the sight, but I tried opening the site again and was able to click on a menu button before the screen went white, and was able to open up other pages OK. I was able to get back to the home page as normal, so the site is working as it should, except fot the initial visit. I've since found out that refreshing the screen takes it back to the home page. I had no clue on what that meant, so I logged into the account and reset the password (thinking it may have been hacked) and uploaded the index page again, but didn't fix it. I tried using a 5 year old version of the index page, but the problem was still there. Thinking there might be a problem on the hosting side, I raised the issue with Crazy Domains and they were help full, but concluded that there was no issue from their side and reported back; "It is guaranteed that the error is in the scripting in the index.html web page." My search on dr. google pointed me in a few directions, but I was unable to work it out. Thanks,
  15. Very nice... How does it run?
  16. Nice looking track. Do you lose many under the bridge?
  17. Yes, the "Lack Of Interest" has a lot of interest. I guess many can relate...
  18. Thanks David, I'm right for the chassis, as I'll cobble something together for that, but the wheels and inserts will save some heartache plus look good too.
  19. Hmmm, may not be stealing pics, but might be stealing the host's broadband capacity.
  20. Nice lot of front engine open wheelers. Any chance of sharing part numbers for the wheels and inserts? I've got the same SMER kits to do. TIA.
  21. Yes, not a good situation for people living fire prone areas. For NSW residents in fire areas, the NSW RFS has a free app that could help warn of approaching fires. NSW RFS website. Once it is downloaded to your device, you key in your location, and a distance for surrounding area, then if that area is threatened, it will show up on your "Watch Zone" info.
  22. Contact: Cam slotworx@outlook.com
  23. Plastic Track Measurement Comparison http://www.ncphobbies.com/132help.html Some of the early 60's commercial tracks were made with 4" (101.6mm) lane spacings, which is minimum for 1/24 flexi cars. Plafit style cars are great on this size track. The Carrera tracks handle 1/24 scale cars OK, and you could get away with Ninco for the smaller sports cars. If you have the space, I'd go with the old 4", with the Carrera 3 7/8" as a minimum. You could use Carrera plastic track dimensions on this site as a guide for corner radii, and o'all track widths.
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