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  1. Syd

    Racing At Syds

    Only when comes to the technical stuff Phil!
  2. Hey Chas my foot print works well for 1/24 and is quite flowing!
  3. Hi Chas always good to catch up and yes the last night you were there my racing wasn't up to my usual status as I think my drink was spiked by some unscrupulous person. It usually only happens once a year! I,m glad you enjoyed the nights racing and the hospitality! Look forward to your next visit.
  4. Can never own enough Pioneers!!!!!
  5. Hi Jules, Nick sent me a photo that I will send you. I have never see one like that before! I will have a look at it on Saturday night and get back to you. Have to say you have the best customer service of any of the manufacturers! Cheers Syd
  6. Hi Alan we have been using RC for a year now and it is indeed possible to achieve what you want to do through Expert Race setup!
  7. Lim is a terrific fellow whose company is most enjoyed over a glass of amber ale. He as attended several meets in the west where he is always welcome. We also have enjoyed his company over in Maylasia where he has made us very welcome! I'm glad he is your company over there Phil.
  8. Syd

    Syd's New Track

    Next time you are over Rob you will have to revisit!!!
  9. Syd

    Syd's New Track

    Before: After:
  10. Syd

    Syd's New Track

    A new track for WA Slot Car Racing Group in the process. A few pictures of the track which is currently being modified can be found here. http://www.waslotcarracinggroup.com/
  11. You are right Matt the pictures don't do it justice! It really is awesome and I will have to take some photos of it next race night with the camera. The boxes are certainly a credit to you and that paint job is unbelievable.
  12. Well said Manimmal, the wait has been worth it! Well done Jules and thank you for doing it so well! Whilst so many manufacturers are taking shortcuts you have exceeded our expectations!
  13. Syd

    New Product Ranges

    Definitely looks like a XW, some did run with the rear spoilers like the XY, but the grill and the taillights are looking to be XW! Minor details I'm sure. Great to be getting some Aussie Classics. MRE have this down as the A9X Torana on their mail out LOL
  14. Chris it could be a case of the chassis of that particular Capri being bent!
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