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  1. sadly I have sold this track .........but on the positive side am planning my next track with the help of old mate TJK
  2. I have paid for my Javelin and been told by the seller that Aust Post is to blame for the delay of delivery
  3. ok thanks Phil I hate using the suck it and see process ,the power of knowledge is always the best
  4. thanks buddy I have always tried it all on a test model and this time the autocolor clear showed that pattos decals dont like it so went ahead with Testors brand thinking it was safe but 30% of the decals have shown stress
  5. recently I have been making a few slot cars using resin bodies when it comes to painting and applying decals and then clear coats I have had problems Pattos decals ......which clear coat will not affect them? Enamel paint .....which clear coat will not affect it ? Acrylic paint as in (water based from crash repairer ) which clear coat ?
  6. popdog

    Bathurst Track.

    comment still stands as I am looking at building my third track and like the layout .........my first track three lanes used all of one bay of my double garage .......my second track of two lanes was hinged to the wall so we could get some more garage room when needed .....I am hoping and planning for m third track to be suspended from the roof trusses with a power winch system
  7. popdog

    Bathurst Track.

    looks sweet but what about marshalling ? how is access around the track ?
  8. I bought two 1/32 MJK car kits and the chassis are absolute rubbish with motor alignment /gear / crown impossible I gave up and made my own
  9. popdog

    1/24 Builds

    The new track old mate TJ is building where we will be racing these cars
  10. popdog

    1/24 Builds

    My 1/24th Peter Brock HDT Commodore is starting to look the goods although I have to learn a bit more about paints and air brush usage
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