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  1. Thanks Branco. I am realizing that now Thanks Grant. It does look much better with braid
  2. Thanks Cam, got the track half wired up tonight which allowed me to do half a lap around the track and am very pleased with the results so far, i am sure i will be regetting not doing it earlier
  3. Well after years of running with copper tape i have finally got some spare cash to convert the track to magnabraid. We had our last racemeet on copper tape last Friday night. Now i have about an hour or 2 work left and i will be able to give it a try. I am looking forward to not having to replace it again Cheers John
  4. The new layout looks like a fun drive mate!
  5. We will be going Facebook live for the first time this Friday Night and will be looking to do it on a regular basis. So if you are keen on checking out our racemeets you can so via our North Bris Slots Facebook page. The live feed will start at 7pm and finish between 10.30-11.00pm Sydney time Cheers John
  6. Nah mate i wish. I have just sold all my RC gear so im investing some of it to converting the track from copper tape to magnabraid. Will be easy to do but will cost me around 1k but will be worth it
  7. Pretty sure Armchair has none in stock anyway going by their website as i checked last night. I will be probably buying through MR Slotcar as they seem to have stock going by their website
  8. Awesome thanks mate. I will message them tomorrow
  9. Johnsxr8


    Hi Guys. After reading some old threads here i am unsure if Magnabraid is still available. But i am chasing no more than 150m worth and if it is still available the best place to buy it. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers John
  10. We have run a 5 hour GT Enduro with SSD running Race Coordinator Digital as the RMS. The race ran without an issue for the whole 5 hours. Most of the guys that race here love the enduros as with digital you dont need to run brackets to change lanes like in analog so we just set fuel burn to last for around 10min stints and do driver swaps when you come in to pit to fuel up which gives guys about 20-25sec to swap drivers while fueling up. Cant wait to do our 1200 lap Enduro on the Bathurst weekend Saturday with Cam's 1/24 Slotworx V8's later this year
  11. Cheers Wobble. Yeah the Slotworx sound awesome and the fun they are producing is amazing. Best part is too if someone is silly enough to outbrake themselves and hit the car in front it usually only deslots the car that caused it so it will help to teach guys to be careful when trailing close to the car in front.
  12. Racing has been fun on the new track, we have taken a real liking to the 1/24 Slotworx V8's and we had our first racenight with them on Friday only running 4 car heats but we did have 6 on in practice, we will move into 6 car races over the next couple of racemeets before we start our 8 round series in 2 months time. And some footage from Friday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJcyz6CECQw Cheers John
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