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  1. Hey Curly ! You got to look after yourself more now you're getting on in years. Vertigo can't be a good thing but at least being built so close to the ground is now an advantage. Glad you're ok now mate and stay upright. Dave
  2. Great work Vinno, glad to see you're still at it. Dave
  3. Why not ? It's what councils do best.
  4. Gaz, Did the council fill in the pothole?
  5. Nothing quite like having a wet one Gaz, keep smiling. Dave
  6. I don't know whether you're early, I'm not 76 till next year, or late, I was 75 two weeks ago. Whatever your good thoughts are most welcome, thanks guys. If you want to make up for your chronological errors then here's your chance. As luck would have it you can nail Oldslot...he's 77 today. Dave
  7. Whatever happened to rnd 6? Was it run? I see no results, no pics, no news. C'mon guys, lift your games. Dave
  8. Another one Joe! How do you do it? Are you having them twice a year now? Hope they let you win a race last night just for luck. All the best, Dave
  9. Congrats Charlie, you'll outlast us all. Dave
  10. What great cars and racing. Really miss the "safety cars" though. Thanks, Slotbaker. Dave
  11. Thanks Gazza. Lest we forget.
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