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  1. I joined Strava Climbing Challenge on Strava. Climb 28,000 feet (8,535 meters) in February. Who’s with me?

  2. Just over half way

  3. Time for a well earnedcoffee

  4. I'm struggling with this. Does anyone have any tips on this? I've googled and read but no worky.
  5. I joined Strava Climbing Challenge on Strava. Climb 6,142 meters in January. Who’s with me?Challenge accepted!

  6. Correct and yes. I have now had it working in a race once. I'll report back once I try again.
  7. Hi Ade, Yes to all that. I'm not sure what you mean on your last question though.
  8. Yeah Matt, I'm hearing you. A simple race now isn't so. My issues are with SDCC I'm sure it's me, it's just not a very intuitive or flowy program. So, I just ran a race in digital, no issues, except the whole setting up thing, man what a pain. So, in analogue mode I can run 2 cars in free practice, in a race, I can not. Any tips?
  9. Too sick, missed my Sunday morning ride :(

  10. This program is killing me, in a GP event, in analogue mode, no way can I get 2 cars to run! Aaaaargh!
  11. Yep, works perfectly with the original display connected.
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