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  1. Here is a selection of my slot Monster Trucks in action, on a purpose built track.
  2. Here is a video of my Nissan Terrano Raid build.
  3. Here is a clip of the building of my 2ft x 4ft single lane track designed for racing slot Monster Trucks. The obstacles are interchangable and the track is fitted with a switch to reverse the direction that the track is driven in. So even with its small size there is a vast number of veriations to the track. To see the Monster Trucks performing on this track.
  4. A fine sunny Sunday afternoon so out with thew toys.
  5. Hi Here is a link to a "YouTube" clip of my "Slot Monster Trucks" in action on a purpose built "Monster Truck Arena" Hope that you enjoy. Dave Am not sure if the above link is working .... If not just do a search on YouTube for Scale Model Slot Monster Trucks Racing and Freestyle on Scratch Built Scalextric Track
  6. "Lunch Box" Slot Monster Truck "Wild Willy" Slot Monster Truck Dave S
  7. Hi You might want to check out my 3 video clips on "YouTube" Wild Willy Slot Monster Truck Lunch Box Slot Monster Truck Slot Monster Trucks Any questions email me on dave.winters-lane@hotmail.co.uk DaveS
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