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  1. I have voda phone here in Tasmania and it is crap I live on the outskirts of the CBD(Launceston) the tower is on the Myers building which I can see from my place and I am lucky to get 2 bars of reception and it drops out all the time I have to walk around the house until I find the best spot, do not and would not recommend them at all.when I am driving around for work it is worse. I could keep going but I wont
  2. Nice Work Munter also good to see the chassie that you have built. Only way to go, the plastic chassie,s always seem to be a waste of space Cheers Slider
  3. Hi Ember We have about 4 of the E type jags in our group One is done as a convertible, all 4 of these cars go extremly well,some are inline,s some are sidewinders, either way they go like demons. Also there is a couple of Austin healeys that are also up there as well. Cheers Slider[/img]
  4. As a hard top it was not that good very top heavy so i done the research to see if they were raced as a convertible and found a few that were raced. The most famous was Fireball Roberts It was a black 57 convertible. I dont believe it will beat the fairlanes and galaxys but it will look good in amongst the field. Hey Brad done most of the work myself with a bit of help and advice. \ Cheers Slider
  5. We Race mostly scratch built, The Historic Nascars are one of the most entertaining classes we have, they are a lot of fun to drive,also handle very well.I have just done the the Carrera 57 chevy (black and white version) which is One of my favorite also I have a 63 Galaxy which is superb. There is a fair bit of paint swapping as these thundering beast scream around the track.Well worth the Effort. Cheers Slider
  6. I like the number 33 camaro and find that the number 86 looks like a cheap toy but thats just me
  7. Slider

    Slotits Are Great

    Yes shane it is one hell of a track if you are ever in launceston look us up the cars and the track are a real blast Cheers Slider
  8. Slider

    Slotits Are Great

    WOW Massive Hi Jack what was the original post about ?
  9. My Ford Cooper, scratch built Chassie goes like a dream, took a bit to learn how to drive holds track record at Elizabethtown raceway standard black stripe motor Cheers Slider http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a223/sli.../fordcooper.jpg
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    Yep that how smallnails looks at the best of times
  11. I would be happy to buy a body painted ready to go so i can put my own chassie on it, time is something i don,t have . Cheers Slider
  12. Slider

    Forum Regrets

    WOW really I missed it maybe i need to get out more .
  13. Slider

    Work Shop

  14. yes i do it looks great . I shall ring you tomorrow and meet up with at some time cheers slider ps the under coat looks blue if you ask me
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