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  1. I usually just by pass the plugs with wire from the guide to motor. Will look around the junk to see if there are any laying on the work bench.
  2. The broken chassis will not make any difference when you put it back on the shelf. They are so crap to drive, believe me I tested mine.
  3. Matt The problem is with the mould, the silicon had air bubbles is it, when you apply the pressure during casting it forces the resin into the air bubble holes..If you used Pinkysil it tends to set faster, than some other silicons so that air bubbles are often a problem.You can de gas the silicon under vacuum or try pouring it from about 8 or 900 mm above mould.Also mix the silicon slowly.
  4. kalbfellp

    Car Weight

    The amount of weight is depending on a lot of things. Voltage you are running on, grip of the track surface, grip of the tyres and the style and size of the track. A track with larger sweeping corners usually requires less weight than a tight twisty track. I think Kevan quote of “adding weight till the car gets slower is a great guide.”
  5. The price of SRC has skyrocketed. Close to double of a Slot It car. Very hard to justify that cost.
  6. Track surface and amount of rubber build up vary so much from club to club, and even night to night that tyre choice becomes what works on your track on that particular race.
  7. Never had a problem with Revo 30 and 25 shore,but the 22 s do ball up a bit once there is a lot of rubber down on our routed tracks.
  8. Scaling the chassis pic it looks like the car is close to scale. Around 75/76 wheelbase and 50mm wide.
  9. kalbfellp

    Alexander Heights

    Gazza , looks good is that on a single sheet again like the last one?
  10. Thanks for sharing Glenda’s pics, she is always busy with the phone even at club racing.
  11. Seems ironical that it is Australian Championship, and the only race report is what Pepsi posted on Home Racing World in the US!
  12. Thanks results only posted today. Looks like only promoted on FB. I only knew about it because one guy from down here went up to race.
  13. The Australian Revo Slot Championship were held over the weekend at Show Us Ya Slots I was wondering if the full results are available anywhere? I have looked on their FB page but only Place getters and a couple of short video clips are on there.
  14. Charles I think the later 26d May have normal brown windings. Where’s Bid Den he had some 26ds
  15. Yes Glue to the wheels and sand them true. I usually start on a slow speed only speeding up to get a nice polish on the surface. Depending on that track surface you are running on there may be a better choice of tyre to suit your track.
  16. Not sure why they moved the motor forward and used an extended pinion that requires a special puller to remove by pressing on the motor can, seems a poor move IMO. Will be interesting to see if these handle better than the 80’s cars.
  17. We have just received 12 cars today to run as a 2.5 Litre class. A very kind person donated the cash to purchase these, we are very appreciative of there king gesture. The tyres on these cars are different to any other brand or car. IMO they are a bit hard so will fit some 25 shore to see how they go. I think it will be a great fun class.
  18. Why oh why have they moved the motor forward in these cars and used an extended pinion that requires a special pinion puller? Seems a poor design where you have to push on the motor can to remove the pinion, plus the expense of buying a special puller.
  19. The car you have is actually sold as a Lotus. Ford ( possibly to cash in on the Indy entry by Lotus.) by what I can see.They are not great models. The Marusan kit has different motor and a chassis that bolts to the front of the motor.The motor has the rear bearings as part of the motor.
  20. http://www.lotusdriversguide.com/Modelcars/type25.php Look thru this site.
  21. Hit was an off shoot of Marusan, they made 3 1/24 kits in 1/24 about 1965 or 66. I have only seen a BRM F1 and Lotus Indy but I think the other was a Mercedes.
  22. We run a Scalex JGTC/ GT3 class over here, that is limited to Scalex GT3 cars and the old JGTC cars, which was the original series. This makes it easy to define cars. Your club rules should define what GT cars are eligible.Le Mans classification change from year to year.
  23. The gear problem on,y seemed to be on the Escort, once the pinion was changed the gear mesh was fine. I think so far they have 18 different liveries oven 4 cars. Plus white kits of each. The Opel will be considered as a Gemini down under. I think they have the making of a great fun class, and A few more after market bodies will make them even more desirable. I have a Datsun 510 almost finished to fit to an Escort chassis, and working on a couple of Mazdas to fit.
  24. Charles Remember how hard those little clips were to assemble the Scalex rubber track? I was upmarket as I had a transformer.
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