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  1. Off to a great start Wayne. Look forward to having a drive.
  2. <pre style="color: rgb(63, 56, 73); font-size: 12px; background-color: rgb(204, 204, 204);"> </pre> <p>In the model room</p> <pre style="color: rgb(63, 56, 73); font-size: 12px; background-color: rgb(204, 204, 204);"> </pre> <pre style="color: rgb(63, 56, 73); font-size: 12px; background-color: rgb(204, 204, 204);"> </pre> <p>In the garage</p>
  3. Man,that might actually be untidier than mine!
  4. The Cougar is still a car I keep for racing on my Scaley plastic track John. Still has the magnet in it. I'll bring it along next time though.
  5. Hopefully these pics show enough for you. If I were to do this for timber I would add some bracing over the rear axle,I'd add a mm or so to the depth and length of the guide and I'd take 3 or 4 mm out of the interior depth to get the body to float. I set my cars up with as many of the standard parts as I can at first. Gives me a good baseline when it comes time to start changing and upgrading parts.
  6. Happy to take more pics for you.Will post up later tonight or tomorrow. If rules allow the SCX Cuda is a great alternative and easily the equal of Scaley and Pioneer Camaro's,same for both brands Mustangs as well. The Torana's can be made to go pretty well,but their narrow track limits their outright cornering speed. We run the Torana's in a different class in our club because a well built one is a couple of tenths a lap slower than the others. In a two minute race on a 27 meter track that adds up and they become uncompetative. Having said that,don't let it stop you having a go. One guy is also tuning a Scaley Challenger but its not race ready yet.
  7. Your welcome mate. Don't know how Scaley got that one wrong in the first place. Mine actually drove well out the box. Wasn't tippy at all,was nice and taily,fun to drive. Looked awful though. Found some pics of a real one and that where the idea for the wheel change came from.
  8. Heres a pic of what I did to mine. I cut the front and rear valance/bumpers of and glue them to the body. I'm a racer so modifying doesn't trouble me. I cut down the front posts until the tyres were level with the guards. I trimmed a mm or so of the rear posts. Thats as low as you can go without cutting depth out of the interior,but I did grind down the base of it. I can take some more detailed pics if you like.
  9. Heres my Cougar. Lowered and changed the wheels. Put MJK vintage wide tyres on the back. Still a magnet car. Keeps the Camaro honest now.
  10. sigmaman

    Pioneer Camaro

    On the standard tyres no less!
  11. I was going to suggest an HRS under the Caddy. But it might be too short....
  12. Thanks Shadow. Will definitely give it a try.
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