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  1. While they may look simular, the SCX model is based on a Fiat 600, a much larger 'family' model.
  2. Problem is, the accesories are 1/24 scale (while the cars and figures are 1/32). If you want 1/24 garage accesories there are plenty of sources for them.
  3. There's plenty available in 1/32 as well, a good example is Pola's Neuffen, available in several scales including 'G', but in this case G' is spot on 1/32. Fine if you have a spare $1200+ lying around.
  4. Most are available in AU for about AU$18. Try specialist diecast shops.
  5. Beautiful, but it now looks like a (Redbull) Ferrari...
  6. There's nothing wrong with that chassis, it's one of the best I own. Needs more motor though and newer SCX motors don't work.
  7. A case of thinking too hard. The sidewinder may apply torque to one side, but seeing as you've got a locked axle, both wheels always get exactly the same torque. Maybe they think there's enough torque to twist the axle?! If you want to talk about chassis flex caused by torque reaction, that's different. Most of our cars are deliberately flexy, and this means that in-lines actually suffer worst (balance the rear of an inline car up at the middle, so it's free to pivot side to side, and give it a rev. Note how much it twists). So, if people THINK that sidewinders pull to one side because of torque, they're wrong. Most probably it's a simple matter of the motor not being mounted in the centre, resulting in an uneven weight distributions, thereby causing some lateral pull. This especially probable if these 'gurus' are running in 1/24.
  8. Don't have a site, but that's how I built this one: Re-scaled 1/24 dollhouse plans I got from a book on the subject. One tip is that dollhouses have their own agenda, which isn't scale realism. Often windows are over sized to better show detailed interiors etc. Fine if all your buildings are like this, but if you start to mix them with commercial buildings, they can look rather off.
  9. That's not really going to be an ecconomy run at all. A 9v battery has around 4-500mah capacity. Given that it's generally accepted that no car will draw more than 1A for more than a moment, you're looking at a run time of around 30mins on a battery. Therefore, fastest car wins. The name of the game will actually be who can drain a 9V within 12 mins.
  10. Ahem! http://members.iinet.com.au/~bertrand/32nd...n_step_bus.html Yeah, it's not a slot, it's never going to get around a home track anyway (well maybe Carerra). A slot conversion would be pretty easy though, the tyres are rubber and give plenty of grip for my R/C model on polished floors.
  11. Always start by specifying if you run mags or not. I run mine stock (magless) on Ninco track and it's absolutely fantastic. Check that the guide moves freely as I don't think there's any fundamental problem with these cars.
  12. Only three (well 2.5), a 930, the 928 and a 550 which is the 0.5 because it's a replica, not the $500,000+ real deal. Since early Porsches were just fancy bodied VW's it's quite a faithful replica for minimal money, and probably the cheapest way into a mint 50's classic. Porsche are going to do another 928 for compete against Scaglietti etc. The four door 928 'Panamera' has been a known project for some time, a two door version is rather inevidable. The Panamera will be awd with Cayenne derived V8 and an optional hybrid system. Cayenne also goes hybrid for '08. 911 may get jacked up and turned into a small off road coupe. I doubt the new 928 will look anywhere near as good as the original, and the chassis is still well up to today's standards, as anyone will tell you, it's fully adjustable suspension made it the best GT until the Ferrari 550 (ask Wheels magazine etc). All it really needs is a new interior (fantastic for the 70's, less so today), and more power. In top spec they only had 350hp which is just not enough today. If my engine ever breaks (they have been known to go for a million K's), I'll put a Toyota (yeah I know) turbo v12 in it
  13. Thanks, Bender's a pain because I have to machine his shiney metal ass, and I don't have a suitable arbor. Bender's going to be the coolest because he'll be fully posable. Zap Branigan is next (probably).
  14. The biggest tip everyone keeps missing for some reason is that Ninco cars work best on Ninco track. Practically noting can keep up with a (mag less) Ninco 934 on Ninco track. A lot of the fancies like Slot it can't handle the roughness that is Ninco track. The Ninco 934 is my favorite car out right, I run Ninco track, although I do have a full sized version that might cloud my impartiality (930).
  15. If you sculpt your own, your truck can be driven by anyone or anything you like: http://ripper7racing.com/vforums/showthrea...38558#post38558
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