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  1. AH HA just as i thought you cant Profile a GM

  2. Id sell it as soon as it arrives and buy a slot it car mate !
  3. Tally

    Speed Checker

    I picked mine up from ebay for $27 delivered !
  4. Just as aquick update, I have opened up the pit lane game and got the details off of the PCB PLC Sensor v1.0 28/Apr/2008 Bannsan BS-6 94v-0 0840 I have emailed Bannsan but I am not going to hold my breath !
  5. Ian Yes it is the car ID sensor on the track attached to the pit lane game. It is some type of surface mount opto sensor but obviously too small for identifiers. I was thinking possibly I could get them from RS if anyone had carried out the repair before. I like your idea about robbing from another device may look at that as a last resort. I did contact Scalextric in the UK but they were about as much use as chocolate spanner !
  6. Am assuming you mean the Car ID sensor, not the slot guide opto-isolator sensor on the start/finish line... The SMD sensors are generally unknown - however a larger device can be installed with a small bit of work. Off the top of my head I can't remember what the alternative is. Will find out for you. If you have an unused PB6 or Digital Lap Counter, you could raid it for spares, and put that on. The very fact that you've worked out the fault probably means you have the skills to complete this swap-over. Ian
  7. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew what type of sensors are on the SSD Pit lane game ? Reason being mine got destroyed by a car with a longer type of blade! Any help would be appreciated as I would like to repair rather than throw it away !
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