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  1. Here's a new advertising campaign by Lexus for their new 2013 GS model. Basically - take a supermodel and design a racetrack around her beautiful curves http://www.ripplestrip.com.au/forums/index.php?threads/the-tori-500.42/
  2. I know it's more than late, but I was in France on Anzac Day last year (Villers-Bretonneux) and thought i'd share some photos of the service. It was very moving to be there in the flesh, and will be definitely heading to the 100th anniversary of both Gallipoli in 2015 and back to Villers-Bretonneux in 2018. I was over in Holland visiting my family and made the trip into France, and headed towards Amiens the day before. I took my 2 uncles and cousin (who toured Afghanistan for the Dutch) and they were surprised by the patriotism that was shown by even the younger school children from Sydney who attended. At 3am we left the town and drove to the memorial, it wasnt that bad at all maybe 5deg C, sat down for a good seat (10th row aisle) and Kevin Rudd was the honourary speaker. Estimated 3000 people, realistically 5000 ! no seats left and standing on the sides up to 5 deep. Anyway here are some pics... Thankfully we were only about 300mt away... Now the weirdest part... about 2 months ago I started to compile my wife's family tree, and find out that her Great Grandfather fought in WW1 at Villers and was one of the lucky ones to return home.... A wonderful experience that you must place on your 'bucket list' Brendan
  3. Heya guys - been a while... lol Attached are some links to some old footage for you to download that I've found on another site. And thought they may be of interest to you all..there's hundreds more... they are legit! LeMans '66 [330mb] http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IRIWB67K LeMans '67 [220mb] http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GVVAXOD1 LeMans '68 [390mb] http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A33NLUC0 LeMans '69 [500mb] http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8HKNEXP2 '53 German GP [270mb] 21min http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LMN9XC3D '55 Monaco GP [280mb] 21 min http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A1ZRUSY6 '58 Belgian GP Spa [315mb] 24min http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I6QFCZ92 '67 Nurburgring (Ringmasters) [460mb] 35min http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0GOI2LIU
  4. Yes - yes i do ! Someone here was producing them a few years back.
  5. If you are a Back to the Future nut like myself, then this is definitely for you ! Nike Mag shoes - just like the movie BTTF2 - be prepared to spend up big though...only 1500 pairs made. WEBSITE EBAY STORE YOUTUBE
  6. Here's a few pics boys... Re: coverage ... lets just say the Mosler didn't complete the race (Bathurst 12hr is infamous for weird happenings > tree last year ) Lowndes in Audi R8 2 Fezzas (damn heat haze) Another R8 Porker Another Porker It's the Pits Suby Tyred I threw in a pic of my garage Then unfortunately i had to come home after nearly twisting my ankle - damn it's sore Cheers Brendan
  7. I reckon they are the best damn HRT car livery to come out in a long time ! Dayglo Orange Red / White F@#$ing awesome - and i dont like HRT
  8. lavenlaar

    Tasman Revival

    Here's a select few of mine from the race
  9. The chequered flag falls on another true motorsport icon.... It is a sad day indeed. more news to come
  10. Sure you do - you could al afford this in the garage http://www.bonhams.com/cgi-bin/public.sh/W...SaleSectionNo=1 Lola T70 http://www.bonhams.com/cgi-bin/public.sh/W...SaleSectionNo=2 C type (i wish ) http://www.bonhams.com/cgi-bin/public.sh/W...SaleSectionNo=2
  11. I got a telephone call today from a Mr Warren Weldon.... (racing car driver from the 60's) I put in a request for an interview with him and he called me personally to say yes. WOW - now they are the GENTLEMEN of motorsport. Anyway next week travelling to his house and im putting this out there for a few of you who'd like to ask a question. I will ask him some of the better questions and publish it in ripplestrip, hopefully this issue, giving it goes live 2 days later. And that i a start of some that i have already been in contact with... so place your requests below Cheers Brendan
  12. Wow Hard to imagine its been nearly 30 years since the infamous rock episode when DJ was leading the Ferodo 1000 in the Tru-Blu only to have a rock placed on the track and robbed him of the win. Dick has actually kept all of the letters of support and now posted them on the net to share to us. This shows the true beauty of what Australians stand for... http://jimbeamracing.com.au/30years.htm video of the event Brendan
  13. Hey guys Anyone know of any Matich cars available ? Frank himself drove... Cheers Brendan
  14. Thanks for the responses guys The track - i shouldve been a little more open... prob 2ft - 3ft wide going around the 3mt extremities. those pieces to be transportable and put together quite easily. Will let you all know whats going on very soon, we are THIS close to securing albeit bending over and taking it up the _ _ _ I will guarantee all of you will attend this event :aussie: around the Sydney areas Brendan
  15. Hey all Im just wondering if this could be a viable option for something that myself and a few are working on. Are there any out there that would design and build a routed track for a 'show'. what $$$ will we be looking at ? Minimal scenery...(inc few trees, grass, and armco ) thinking outer dimensions around the 3000x3000mm. Must be transportable... Will email any details to prospective people. Brendan
  16. Well boys & girls ISSUE #2 is now LIVE !!! http://www.ripplestrip.com.au and @ember - model now towards the front I've doubled the size of the pages (press 1:1) to make easier reading. cheers guys Brendan
  17. Those that know Bill on the 'other' forum knows that his original track was leased to Warner Bros for this movie http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?...st&p=216968 It is about to be shown on GO for those interested - or have never seen it ... Cheers Brendan
  18. We are now live ! VIEW HERE VIEW HERE VIEW HERE Please note - the iPad download aint working yet... will get onto it tomorrow. Also - this is put together all by myself (with the help of the contributors) including the website, so go gentle on me please. Brendan
  19. Listening now - CONGRATS MATE http://www.rugbyleaguelive.com/sheds/winners.php
  20. Hey guys , got a client looking for old image of JR's Skyline, preferable Bathurst/Lakeside If anyone got one - or know of someone please PM me ... needed asap... will pass on details
  21. Hey guys Im about to release a new online magazine for the smaller national motor sport categories and was looking for someone to write a contribution for a section of "historical" racing in australia ... the only catch is i need something pretty quick. Full credit to pics / story... and your own advert on the website If there is anyone else that would like to contribute in any way, please ... The website is currently under the PaceCar and will be going Green in a few more laps. www.ripplestrip.com.au Would Auslot like some FREE advertising for the first issue ??? Jacob .. could you send me the logo banner Brendan
  22. WOO HOO a new track in my home town too ! I know where i'll be on Tue/Wed/Thu hehehe Are you downstairs ? Under the escalator or back upstairs where your shop is/was ? we've seen a few disappear over the years... lets hope you are a stayer ! I WILL SEE YOU TUESDAY Brendan
  23. Sorry for the bump, but i only came across these the other day as well... bloody awesome. Im getting some printed up and wondering does anybody else want any? The cheaper it becomes 30*20" on polypropylene. Brendan
  24. Nothing beats the Mosler imo... apart from Walls 911
  25. umm not direct photographs... more like the vector side of them
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