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  1. They do but the plastic guide pins need narrowing and shortening. I have run on scalex and ninco as a bit of fun - esp the Mario kart! Magnets keep them down well. Only get stuck on R1 curves.
  2. You could always chop up a couple or few v8 supercars to join up as your limo:)
  3. like they said above I run both and far and away prefer ninco for grip, ease of construction and de-construction, durability, grip, connectivity and conductivity. Never been able to get scaley working as good as ninco, plus I find the slide in tabs a pain in the proverbial! But heck if you go with either you can always get adaptors betweenninco-scalex sport-scalex classic/scx
  4. Pretty sure I saw one on the bay a couple of weeks ago but didn't track final price .very rare though
  5. they come with "heavy" magnets, as does every other carrera go. i run on plastic so don't know how they are on wood. just had to make adjustments to the guide - needs shortening and thinning
  6. Cool Cleveland always wanted a set of the tmmt but alas they're too pricey to come by so I settle for the 1:64 micros plus simpsons micros and careers go mario and wario! Kids lovem!
  7. 54.6875mm gives you your 6footer so 2 inches 50.8mm =1.625 m tall which may be more what you are after? its an easy measure to take with you when you are looking for suitable figures
  8. Philr - Slightly off topic but just saw your video - what's on the end of that marshalling pole used to pick the car up? Pretty nifty! Hope your enduro goes well guys!
  9. on the pink kar note - bought the cousin to the 2cv - the beetle... what a shocker! first easy corner, and it goes ...... straight - out of the slot and so i put it back on the shelf! was going to convert it to a herbie, but never got around to it
  10. slotoz

    Scalextric Fiat 500

    thanks for the info - was considering it that setup is similar to those artin 1/43 chassis
  11. is your local bunnings no good?
  12. selley's makes a plastics glue, that uses a plastic primer,then the glue. got some from the local supermarket for about $6.
  13. where can i ask - did you get that!? i might want one!
  14. micro scaley have a steel pin guide that is a bit deeper than standard scaley 1/32 guides so they tend to get stuck on scaley track (just). so i reckon a routed one should prob be fine assuming you are a bit deeper. other options to try on your routed track: 1. carrera go 1/43. plastic pin, but need filing thinner and less deep for scaley track. go ok 2. scx compact 1/43 - plastic guide, suffer the same issues getting stuck have fun! i have run these on plastic in some way or other!
  15. is that why the skaife car is $15 more exxy than the others? (that i have seen)? (not that I am a hge V8 fan, but like the look of some liveries.)
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