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  1. Yes slots, I have certainly enjoyed spending more time recently with my nieces who are very lovely children! But, somehow, I don't think that's quite what you meant! Anyway, still single here folks, and I see no change to that any time soon.
  2. In what has been, to me, a pretty lacklustre year for Scalextric, their Australian releases have been excellent. The Torana is great, the new Ford looks promising, and if I were to buy just one car that Scaley produced this year it would definitely be the Bathurst Mini. It looks excellent and is a welcome change from the red of the previous three offerings (although red is probably the iconic Mini colour).
  3. Great idea DM, particularly as it's such an iconic car and the Revell version is so awful (performance wise that is - in terms of looks the Revell is excellent). But isn't the number of potential reliveries a bit limited? I know it raced in metallic blue, metallic grey, red, and white, but apart from that what else? Perhaps some more obscure livery? And as far as I know Revell have already done all the obvious liveries mentioned above.
  4. Thanks SlotsNZ. Hmm, I see you've been promoted to the rank of "Super Moderator". I hope all the new "responsibilities" haven't been too hard! Does anyone else see the irony in having a New Zealander as one of the leaders of a forum that is called Auslot?
  5. First the 250 GTO, then the Toyota 2000GT and now the Datsun 240Z. These new Silver Line releases just get better and better, and I look forward to picking up the Datsun when it comes out. How can Racer top that?
  6. I'm still lurking! Wow, haven't posted for nearly three and half years! Thanks for all the birthday wishes over the years, I hadn't actually read this thread since my 17th birthday in 2008 so it was nice to see at least a few replies in 2009, 2011 and this year (although none in 2010 ). My interest in slot cars has been all but non-existent in the last two years with only four purchases in 2010 and none at all last year. This year has seen a great increase in the amount of purchases (thanks to slot.it, NSR, Sideways and Silver Line) but still very little time spent driving the cars (let alone race them). I don't see a return to club or competitive racing any time soon but rest assure that I will still buy cars and drive them for fun when I get the opportunity. Anything can happen though! P.S. Incidentally, it was my 21st birthday and I've noticed that I'm now 21st on the list of "members with the most posts". Also, when the orders for a few cars arrive I'll have bought 21 cars this year. And maybe Vettel will win this year's championship by 21 points? Coincidence?
  7. According to Armchair, the new Scalextric cars will be $59 (a 20% price increase). So, is $60 for a Scaley car still good value for money?
  8. Freddy

    2009 Slot.it Cars

    Slot.It have pictures of all the cars they plan to release in 2009 on their website: http://slot.it/INGLESE/News.html The highlights for me are the Renown Mazda 787B, Newman Porsche 956, Fortuna Porsche 962, Audi R8C No.9, Ferrari F40, Chaparral 2E, Calsonic Nissan No.32, Porsche 962 KH, Brands Hatch Alfa Romeo T33/3 and Gulf/Davidoff McLaren F1GTR. Last year I almost exclusively bought Slot.It cars, and this year looks to be more or less the same! :lol:
  9. From what I've seen though the Cougar C(20?) only raced in one livery. Still, knowing how committed Slot.It are they'll probably release it. I also have a hunch that the 1990 XJR12s will come as a triple pack like the Rothmans 956s and Sauber C9s, hopefully in 2010.
  10. Thanks tvwino! Yeah I've changed the keyboard layout to Japanese when I've had to type things up for school (it is the language I chose to study) so if I can get Japanese I'm sure British English would be there. I'll remember to use it next time I have to type the pound symbol...... or I'll just type the words "pound/s", it's all the same. Sort of relating back to the topic, I remember Slot.It saying that they were going to release all the cars that won Le Mans between 1982 and 1991 (Group C era). Well, they've covered five of these ten cars and apart from the upcoming 1991 Mazda winner and, highly probably, 1990 XJR12 winner they'd have to release the Newmans 956, Rothmans 956 and Rothmans 962 again as each of these cars won twice (correct me if I'm wrong). Considering that virtually the same cars already exist as Le Mans Winners do you really think this is going to happen? Imagine getting a Newmans Porsche for the regular price instead of paying high prices on ebay. Nothing about cost, I know, but I wonder how you guys see it. I never got any of the Newmans or Rothmans Porsches the first time so I'm all for it, just like I supported the idea of re-releasing the Audi as I also missed out on the originals.
  11. Hmm, it appears that the pound symbols in my post have been replaced by a weird box symbol. Maybe it's because I copied the symbol directly from Beejay's post above and the forum can't properly display the copied logos. There's no pound key on my keyboard (hardly surprising though considering which country I live in). I know, completely irrelevant to the discussion but sometimes I just can't help being a perfectionist!
  12. Well, December 2008 was the fourth anniversary since I got my first slotcar! Nine cars were added to my collection last year: MRRC Shelby Cobra 427 Ltd - A prize from the SF 2007 Christmas Competition. Slot.It Fina McLaren F1 GTR. Slot.It Loctite McLaren F1 GTR. Slot.It AEG Sauber C9. Slot.It Audi R8C Reloaded. Slot.It Alfa No.34. Slot.It Alfa No.33. Slot.it Schiesser 956KH. Scalextric NART 412P. That brings my total number of cars up to 31! Not bad for someone only four years in the hobby. These are the release I'm looking forward to this year: Slot.It Nissan R390 GT1 Slot.It All Over Purple Silk Cut Jaguar XJR12 Slot.It Audi R8C Reloaded No.9 Slot.It Renown Mazda 787B Yep, its going to be another Slot.It year for me and they'll probably have even more that I want when they release their full range at Nuremberg in February.
  13. If you say that the Australian dollar is approximately double the pound then even at the older £28 price the Scalextric cars still equate to better value in Australia ($50 instead of $56) let alone with the price rises of, correct me if I'm wrong, £32 ($64) and £36 ($72). Australia had no price increases on Scalextric cars last year compared to the UK who had two (in January and September if memory serves me correctly). So why should this third increase effect the cost in Australia? Isn't there a chance it will just stay the same? Or don't I understand finance/the economy well enough?
  14. I'm sure one of the major sponsors will tell us soon enough but I was wondering what you guys think the price will be for Scalextric cars this year? My bet is that the price will be raised to $55 perhaps $60 for standard cars and between $110-$120 for the twin packs. Formerly standard Slot.It cars were $69 and the Le Mans Winners series cars (not the triple packs obviously) were $75 so with the new standard price being $75 I would make an assumption that the new Le Mans Winners price would be $85. Your thoughts? I may of course be completely wrong and the Scalextric cars end up costing $100 and the Slot.Its $200! At the end of the day as long as the prices are still reasonably affordable I'll be willing to purchase more slots in 2009!
  15. Firstly, hello again to everyone out there at Auslot! You haven't heard from me for a while but that's because I've taken a bit of a break from the hobby. I still buy and race cars but not as much as I did in previous years. Hopefully the initial enthusiasm will return so I can become more active in regards to the forum and racing aspects of slotcars. Upon looking through the other 'total slotcar numbers' thread I couldn't help but notice the constant requests from Eno to create a new thread to get an updated list of statistics regarding our collections. It's been over three and a half years since the original topic was posted and, while some of you have listed newer figures at yearly intervals, a lot of members only replied way back in 2005. That and the fact that the numbers of users on this forum has grown rapduly since then are reason enough to create a new thread and, therefore, get a more accurate set of data. Just like the original, not only state how many cars you have but the manufacturer splits as well. Eg. 5 Scaley, 2 Ninco, 1 Carrera, etc. You will also notice two other questions relating to brand and style. Due to limited poll options I've selected the more well-known brands and styles in general. For the third question it may also be interesting to mention what sort of era of that particular style you like to collect. Well, I'll start the ball rolling: 1. 26 in total: - 12 Scalextric. - 3 Ninco. - 2 Fly. - 4 Slot.It. - 1 Vanquish MG. - 1 MRRC. - 1 SCX. - 2 Revell-Monogram. 2. Scalextric (approx 50%). 3. Probably Sports/GT/LMP although "Sports" is a very general category! GT40, Mustangs, DBR9, 60's/70's Corvettes, Shelby Cobra, Group C, 90's GT/LMP, Ninco Porsche, and possibly others too. I probably have a greater number of "classic" cars in my collection but I've been buying more modern cars as of late. I don't really collect a particular era or style of car, just what I like! You've heard from me, over to you now! PS Staff, please feel free to move/delete if you feel that this thread is unnecessary or too similar to the old one.
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