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  1. My car arrived safe and sound on Friday, thanks much. Rico
  2. Paul, Get well soon and no rush in getting my p.o.s. back to me, we are not doing any racing anyway. Rico
  3. More tracks like this please, the old black bunny performed better here, congrats to those on the top 3 steps. Thank you to the crew for getting another race in and moving the proxy along. Regards Rico
  4. Thanks for the run gents and congrats to those on the pointy end. It seems my car just keeps slipping farther down the order, oh well...Thanks so much for keeping this proxy rolling along, great stuff. Regards Rico
  5. Thanks for the run gents. I think I would have been better off sending a different car at this point. The black bunny is just not getting the job done, although looked decent enough in the video provided. It must have had trouble in the other lanes? Regards Rico
  6. Thanks for the run gents. Another midfield run for my jalopy. Congrats to ArroldN on the win, good to see a little shake up. Regards, Rico
  7. Congrats to the podium finishers and a big thanks who helped get er done. I'm reasonably hoppy with my result, that was a good battle in the video- great stuff. Rico
  8. Congrats to those on the podium and thanks to all those that had a hand in running the race. I do welcome the slightly better result than the two previous races, well done drivers. On to the next round. Rico
  9. Congrats to Sportsracer, ArroldN and Peter Gunn on the podiums and thanks to all that participated in the running of the race. I guess my car didn't exhibit it's Jack rabbit imitation on this track? On to the next round Rico
  10. I appreciate any efforts to correct this issue, thank you in advance. Regards Rico
  11. Well that's not encouraging news. Is the suspension winding up and releasing due to excessive grip? Thanks to the gang for running this round and hopefully it performs better on the 2nd and gives me a birthday present. Regards Rico
  12. I'm not able to view the results, it starts to come up but then goes away and I see this: fetch?filedataid=50018&type=full I can watch the videos and looked like an ok run but they all look pretty good. Regards Rico
  13. My car shows it was delivered. Hopefully in one piece.
  14. Latest tracking on mine shows: Your item was processed through a facility in AUSTRALIA on August 3, 2020 at 3:08 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. It should be there soon
  15. Latest tracking on my car: July 30, 2020 at 7:52 am Departed SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
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