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  1. Hi y'all slotjockies, I'm out this week. Need to start packing my bags for blast off. Thanks for participating in the piebone 400 again, enjoyed the racing and banter these past weeks Keep it in the slot, Piebone
  2. I'm keen this week, the f1s are ready to go Pedro. We might have to have a demonstration race???. I got a car ready to go, that makes four fo sur
  3. I'm keen on learning some new tricks to beat those California guys
  4. FYI,This is day 9 in my covid journey
  5. I'm out still positive with the lurgy dammit. after consulting with my doctor and NZ govt I'm should be okay in public. I'll wear a mask if that makes y'all more comfortable. I'll leave it to the consensus if I'm allowed in the door , booyah
  6. Where's the action this week???
  7. Regarding running nsr f1 we run them at 10.5 volts.this keeps them more manageable and easier to drive IMHO. I think you are running too much voltage on some of the smaller tighter tracks and if you dial it down to 10.5 the racing would be much closer and the lap time almost the same because the cars are not sliding around as much or coming out of the slot. Don't be afraid of nsr f1 because of damage, after a few rounds of carnage you'll figure it out to keep it in the slot and drive better. Slotcars are evolving and you can too. I repeat 10.5 volts try it you might like it
  8. I can give those F1s a baseline tune-up. Stock az is the way to go. FYI the nsr f1s are fairly robust..unless u drive like vestappenn. No wheels banging
  9. The scaleauto cars are nowhere as good as the nsr f1
  10. Brilliant night of racing and banter in Mac's slotcave. The best team won with a very high standard of banter and keeping it in the slot. Was great to be back where it all started racing with the slotjockies you have all become. Thanks for keeping the Piebone 400 alive and fizzing. Chur bro's
  11. Mark I didn't notice they're making a slotcar in my honor of the avatar." Blues Mobile Driver"
  12. Put the needle on the record and I'll sing a long I'm looking for some gloat
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