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  1. Does anyone in NZ have Scaley ZB for sale. Need a christmas present for myself. Cheers
  2. Hi Mark Unfortunately it looks like work commitments are going to count Nelson out from attending this weekend. It will be just me to represent the Naki. Cheers Trent
  3. Hi Team Hawkes Bay' Just wondering how long it would take me to get from Kennedy Park to Mac's track. Just about to book some accommodation. I am really looking forward to the event. Cheers Trent in the Naki
  4. Hi Gio We would be keen from New Plymouth for a Team Race. Either Auckland or Napier no problem as a venue Cheers
  5. Hi Gio Trent here from New Plymouth. Myself and one or two others from here would like to visit you sometime to have a go if that okay with you. I have been interested in digital for sometime. I am seriously thinking about selling my routed analogue track and building a routed digital track using the Slot It system. Regards
  6. Hi Everyone It was great fun driving the Group 5 cars. As a general comment for those that qualified well but didn't transpire to a great race result the most common problem was the front lifting and deslotting, this was unpredictable as well. As Charles previously mentioned this is a tight technical layout with very high grip. I had my sensitivity backed right off and brakes nearly full on but some of the quick higher powered cars had the above issue. I think it will be a different story on my track next round. Cheers Trent
  7. Thanks for the reply guys, appreciate it. Hope to see you all in Wellington. Love that Jagermeister Capri. Cheers Trent
  8. Hi the Hawkes Bay boys. Trent here in the Naki. We are probably going to enter the 12 hour as usual. I just had a look at the rules which make mention of foam tyres only (if I was reading things right). Any idea when this changed? Has anyone tried any Slot It foam tyres?
  9. Dave if you are prepared to relax the period decal rule I can enter the Lancia I built up with a fantasy livery before the rules came out. The car looks too good to butcher the decals now. Trent New Plymouth
  10. I would definitely be a starter for this. I have been wanting to get one of these cars for quite a while. Seems like a mighty fine excuse to me to investin one. Cheers Trent
  11. The car is looking good Charles. You are welcome to test at my track anytime. Was that you I passed on the walkway today? Sorry didn't realise it was you until I had already passed. Cheers Trent
  12. Hey Mac your car was super quick but for two reasons lifted the front out when the power was applied. First the power came on real quick and I had to turn the sensitivity on my controller right off and also this is the track with the highest grip in these parts. I think on my flowing track with less grip your car will go a lot better. Cheers Trent
  13. Thanks to everyone involved in running this round. I have to say the standard of the presentation of the cars this year looks fantastic. Look forward to hosting them in due course in the Naki. Trent S
  14. telboy

    Trents Track

    Cheers Mark We used 2 coats of the waterbased Cabots Floor product, same as yours I think. I am struggling to resist the temptation of spinning a few laps before the clear hardens properly. I am trying to give it at least 3 days. Trent
  15. telboy

    Trents Track

    Cheers for the kind words Camber and Neil We should be up and running this weekend. Smithy it would be great to see the Bay boys down here at some stage. You would need to bring your big guns down to break some records. I am sure we could come up with a fun interclub event. Trent
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