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  1. Sorry Bingo I'm away this week. Have fun!
  2. I'm out this week sorry Pedro - School show F1s should be cool. I'm in. And great post Bingo .
  3. Thanks Roscoe for hosting and hope you feel better soon. Man forgotten how tricky Tombstone is to drive. Sorry for all the nerfs Mark.
  4. ^^ well said. And I will attempt to make Thursday too Bingo
  5. Sorry to have missed it . With those lap times it must have been fast and furious. Well done team Mac.
  6. I'm out this week - no surprises there...
  7. Thanks Mac. Awesome to catch up with everyone and what a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.
  8. Should be good for both enduros Mac. Might even try for Thursday Roscoe. Cheers.
  9. Lights look awesome Pedro. Man that must have been some work. Some close racing there and go Richie Rich! hey Snake - pictures or it didn't happen.
  10. Thanks for hosting Pedro. Great to have a run and my brother really enjoyed meeting you lot.
  11. Will be along a little later with my big bro for a looksee - don't wait
  12. Out now. forgot about second born's birthday dinner
  13. I might show my face and bring my big brother who is over from Aus. Feel free to sledge him lol.
  14. I'm out team - too much going on so parking slots for a little while - will be back
  15. Thanks Bingo , but I'm out - we've had the floods and now our household is experiencing pestilence. ( I've finally caught the mythical Covid ) Hope everyone is doing OK after all the Cyclone craziness too.
  16. Hey Pedro - not going to make tonight sorry - have a good run boys.
  17. Thanks Mark, I'm out this week - enjoy!!
  18. Take it easy Bingo and hope you guys feel better soon. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your stockings are full of Thunderslots & supplies. See you next year.
  19. Thanks Pedro but can't make this week. Have fun.....
  20. Awesome House Class - NSR Fiat Arbarths The boys had to do some invoicing first... Then we raced Great night of Gloat for young Snake, but racing, good mates & Tombstone Raceway were the real winners on the night...
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