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  1. Unfortunately, the new catalogs don't have dimensions anymore... Thankfully, there are only about 4 tyres that I don't have the data for.
  2. Multiple overdue updates have been done... Added in the Tyres from the 2019 catalog. Added a 1/24 tyre search. Updated multiple names. Fixed some bugs. Random other stuff...
  3. Full Race Results - http://users.on.net/...3T12.22.08.xlsx Drivers - Laps Alvaro/Paul - 1921.047 Phil/Mitchell - 1880.768 Ben/Michael - 1861.463 Dave/Mike - 1853.484 Jason/Steve - 1822.032 Roger/Mick/Paul - 1810.537
  4. A massive thanks to all that turned up, and a special thanks to those that made extra donations. A total of 6 teams ran, with some very close racing had. The best part though was that we raised $450 for Beyond Blue. Thank again. Michael
  5. I don't think that the Greenhills cars will get here in time for me to get you one before I leave on my travels so I just picked up a nice clean Castrol Jag for you off eBay UK. I'll Dm you payment details. Thanks heaps Mac.
  6. It's a Carrera Opel Manta A (considerably lightened) with an olifer 3 d chassis, 0.5mm slot it pod SRP 18k motor. It's bit rough around the edges but is a race car That is a great looking car.
  7. Excellent... If there is a Castrol one, I bags it...
  8. Sweet poster once again... Oh, and the Metro Poster + Metro have arrived home safely, so thanks heaps for that. Lastly, definitely count me in, so, please send me your details, and I'll send some cash your way for the Jag. Gotta cover those expenses...
  9. Track ran well tonight... 2 hour race, and 20 laps between the top three cars. Looking forward to Saturday.
  10. There's enough players - if there's not enough players, you may notice your controller for sale on my Trade Me account with a $1 reserve ...... tomorrow .... THERE.... You've been told I will be there Darn... And have fun guys.
  11. Seems there are a few different pulgins for this now... Thanks heaps for sharing.
  12. There's enough players - if there's not enough players, you may notice your controller for sale on my Trade Me account with a $1 reserve ...... tomorrow .... THERE.... You've been told I'll bid $5...
  13. Less than a week to go peoples... There will be a Slotworx Enduro this Wednesday night at Big Kids Racing as practice for the main event...
  14. I’m in... Can I please place an order for a Castro’s one like pictured... Ps. Please let me know how much they are posted here. Please... Pretty please, don’t say free... Oh, and a control motor would be cool, but open is also nice.
  15. i believe it was in Queensland at some stage as it used to have the sockets with the round earth pin for the controllers. I think it was in storage for 10 years or so before we got it.
  16. I have a row of Scaley magnets stuck to my wall that I hang all my hand tools off of... Damn handy.
  17. 96 tooth belt has arrived, and is both the right pitch, and was reasonably easy to narrow (well, turn into 3x belts actually). It also works quite well on the Calibra... Unfortunately, I now need to order a 95 tooth belt for the Alfa as the 96 was too long, and as previously mentioned, the 94 just too short. There is also a chance that the 95 will work on the Calibra if using the smaller 16t pulleys. Oh, and Mitoos MXL belts should also work well, but unfortunately for this purpose, their range seems to stop at 94.
  18. Yet another great poster from SlotMadMac Promotions... Should be a good race too as those TVR's are very nice cars to run.
  19. Best of luck with the recovery Pedro... ps. Hope the clubs public indemnity insurance is up to date... Oh, and we had the same here about 15 years ago. A 1/10 nitro car went out of control and broke the ankle of a spectator... I guess that 1/8kg at 80km's is enough force...
  20. Just Look what he did to that poor porcelain cow...
  21. This is quite common in Rally Cross and Stadium trucks. The main track is say 3km long, but at say the 1km mark, there is an optional section that's tighter and twistier, 1.5km in length, and comes back at 2km, making for a 3.5km long, slower lap. The rules then state that you must make 1 joker lap, in a 10 lap race, but you can take it on any one of those, so it can be a stratergy. Edit: Visual description which is easier to understand...
  22. Joker lap is a great idea... Hmmm, needs to get me a printer now...
  23. Great article, and I'm also loving both of these cars... I converted my Alfa to 4wd, but even with 16t gear front and rear, the only slot.it belt which is close (94 tooth) is actually quite tight, but seemed to work. I then tried to convert my Opel, but it's wheelbase is just a fraction longer, and the belt doesn't fit at all. So, I ordered a 96 tooth MXL belt from ebay which seems like a great fit, and now I just need to narrow it from 6.5mm to 2mm...
  24. That looks like a great compromise... Definitely need to investigate it further.
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