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  1. Yes been to your place of residence twice... magenta in colour beautiful machine
  2. It’s a factory 6cyl Paul ...I like taking the pissssssssssssss to all v8 freaks.... cause I’m a Rotary freak ...I couldn’t own the car with the 351c in it so I’ll take the piss ...
  3. Not hard to build a car to race on all your tracks Andrew ...But well done I’ll be back next proxy.. Been building this 1/1 car Havnt touched a slot car for over a year and haven’t been on track for over 6 months ...
  4. Grp5 wow didn’t you come last in the proxy just quietly Paul.... yep your car is dominating Paul well done an Andrew you talked up this years car ...what’s up with it ...
  5. Can I ask what tyres is on the number 1car an 21car ...are they rubber or eurathane
  6. Hey jimmy I see my name in your post....I only entered last year because radrek dominated the proxy on his own ...So I entered a car to keep the Radrek honest which I did hehe:)...Come on guys don’t let the host dominate...I’ll get my asssss into gear an again I’ll enter to keep you all honest .... Well done to all builders for being able to still race in these hard times ..Stay safe
  7. I’m sorry to say this but ....I love all car racing as times change I’ve learnt a lot about myself since loosing my father, All you hear is the old people talking about history ...Well get over it cars change , motors change an ect ect...this will burn a lot of old timers but this is 2020 ...I inherited this ...Also an update on what I’ve been up to ... guess what it’s got a 351clevo which I hate.... the xy is a 6cy Fairmont so I’ve sold the motor an have chose to make it appeal to a new generation of car enthusiasts so I’m putting a Barra 6cy turbo in the xy im not a mechanic but I’ve been playing with real cars since my teens, so I built the Barra for those that don’t know what a Barra is it’s an Australian ford design an made motor from Geelong Melbourne so the xy will be 100% All Australian ... I have done the head gasket it’s a MLS 4layer stainless steel 1.3mm thick...why : compression of the motor was 10.3-1 so to add a turbo the head gasket will lower the compression ...I used a gas motor as I learnt these motors have a turbo spec bottom end....I put billet oil pump gears with backing plate...why: factory ford oil pump gears are powdered metal...I put 12mm head studs why: stop the head lifting under boost....I changed valve springs to 95lb springs so I don’t get valve float under boost...I also decked the block an head ....why to make both surfaces flat ...I also put stage II atomic cams in for some fun...then a heavy duty atomic timing chain...I am building this in my garage at home has been great to actually build a car again... I purchased a conversion mount kit from tuff mounts so no cutting the motor will bolt in as standard an bolt up to the C4 gearbox I got built to handle a 1000hp an a 9inch diff upgrade I’m planning on 400kw at the wheels which = 550hp im not changing the look of the car as I want to leave it as I received ....I’m going to fit the shaker to the motor also .... so that’s what I’ve been up to .... so the moral of my story is times change an if you don’t adjust you miss out ...free to air tv come on if you don’t have Foxtel you don’t love sport....stop complaining about how things use to be as it’s all I hear from old people ...
  8. I may send my car if time permits Paul... I threw it together then left it , while I dealt with the lost of my old man...It’s not a great car but it should go ok....
  9. I knew this was coming...That’s why I pulled out. Be careful Kevan any talk of new ideas for proxy’s is a no no from experience...All the old guys are set in there ways...The hobby will die with them imo...I lost my father so I’m havING a break from slot cars ...I’ll be back in the new year good luck guys
  10. Hi guys im having a rest with slot cars I lost my father so funeral today... it was great knowing you all regards Ross Edwards
  11. I’m having a rest from slot cars guys .... I lost my father so funeral today ... great to know you all regards Ross Edwards
  12. Thanks Grant your a champ.... Wow I’m getting the wire bender also....
  13. I’m with you Grant.... I need me one of those jigs Chris..... Where do we find these jigs???
  14. Roscoe Chris is the best scratchbuilder in the world imo... His a master craftsman in my eyes at this hobby .... I bet the chassis’s are scratch built plus he paints and I’m sure Chris mentioned a few are vintage re builds all look stunning an will be especially super driveable ,smooth + quick ....
  15. If you know of Chris , I’ll bet it’s a beautiful car to drive believe me..
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