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  1. better start preparing/re-tuning my car!
  2. Liking what I’m hearing so far Alan. Can’t wait for 2021. May need to get my little track up and running
  3. 2nd place again. Got to be happy with that after the slow start.
  4. A really close fought Round 7, results could have gone anyway. Happy for the round win, my car always seen to do better away from Oz.
  5. Absolutely hear you John - recent events have also hit me hard - makes you re-evaluate everything
  6. Thanks to the organisers for the running of this event and congrats to the fellow Podiumites. Great to see #20 really coming together. Looking forward to next year
  7. Wow I am happy with the qualifying result 2nd! Although all testing for #20 occurred at FPR so I shouldn’t be surprised I guess
  8. And this South Aussie will be in Victoria that weekend - not well planned on my part
  9. Well done the Podiumites, good to see the SA contingent doing well (most anyway). #20 is a work in progress for year one. Lots to learn!
  10. Thanks Mel for the Reccie info. Hopefully with refinements over the break #74 stays at the pointy end Mondeo74
  11. Thanks to all. Happy that my car was at least able to complete a lap in this round. Onward and upward for round 3 Mondeo74
  12. Thanks for the feedback. At least I expect improvement with #20 next round
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