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  1. The first Slotracing132.com video is completed. Have fun while viewing!
  2. Slotracing132.com raffled 3 Slotracing calendar for 2016 The calendar is limited to 99 pieces and can't be bought. Visit Slotracing132.com at Facebook, like the post and perhaps you are one of the 3 winners. Good luck!
  3. Your Fly Porsche 917 Spyder Shell wings looks great ! New website since 05/04/2015. Now also in english!
  4. Especially for the CanAm - Cup (a series of sports car racing in the years 1966-1974 in North America) the 917er was built with a spyder body. New website since 05/04/2015. Now also in english!
  5. Thanks Karkraft ! New website since 5/04/2015. Now also in english!
  6. I'm a big fan of the Group C-Slotcars. Here are 3 pictures of my Slot.it Porsche 956 KH Gulf #3 1H Zwartkopfs 2005. A few other Group C-Cars are waiting already to be photographed. http://www.slotracing132.com
  7. 3 pics of my Slot.it Alfa 33/3 Tipo Motoradio # 15 Casavel de Ouro 1973. Under the name Tipo 33 Alfa Romeo built in the period from 1967 to 1977 for racing purposes a series of prototype - sports cars in different designs. In terms of engines, chassis and wheelbase variations were possible, but the mid-engine concept for all Tipo 33 was the same. http://www.slotracing132.com
  8. Today I have got a new one .Pictures soon. http://www.slotracing132.com
  9. This picture was a big challenge . http://www.slotracing132.com
  10. Here are the newest pis of my racetrack. Currently these will be shown in the new Jim Hunt Magazin No.29 in Germany. http://www.slotracing132.com
  11. Figures bring life to the race track. Currently there are 350 pieces on my racetrack. Of which 205 are self painted. Maybe someone want's to show as well a few pics of his figures.Would love to see them. http://www.slotracing132.com
  12. Instead of fireworks I have bought this year the NSR Ford P68 as my new year rocket. And I have no regrets . Regards and a healthy and happy 2015 ! http://www.slotracing132.com
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