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  1. About two years ago I took the plunge and bought a Ninco N Digital Master Set. Cut a long story short I was never happy with it due to dead spots stopping cars and the hassle of chipping cars. I have dragged it out again and decided to give it another go. What I have discovered is that during the break Ninco seems to have dropped the ball with digital. Chips nearly impossible to get and as I said before I just feel the hassle of chipping cars and the way Ninco do the lane changing is not quite up to scratch. So I decided to convert the whole thing back to analogue. I recently bought the Wico conversion set and got rid of all the lane change sections. Unpacked it. Set it up and ready to go. Followed the very basic instructions on binding the cars and after much trial and error finally got two cars going. First thing I found was slow speed is to slow and fast is ridiculous. Off to a bad start. The next thing that happened is that I could not get power to the track at all. Plugged it in and nothing. Then all of a sudden power went through after making a strange clicking noise. Ok back in business. Now I cant get two tracks to bind. WTF!! I took battery's out of controllers and unplugged to start again. Switched everything back on and now all I have is constant full power going to one lane and nothing to the other. I'm over it. Its going back to the shop. Should have gone with Carrera from the start!!!! I actually like the track itself so have decided to try going with the Ninco double power base. Can someone tell me what hand controllers I could use that would give good progressive feel without going crazy on price. Professor motor or Parma maybe.
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