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    Motor Racing - I love it all, Aviation - All of it but particularly the Red Bull Air Race, Chelsea FC, NFL, Golf, All things Italy and Italian.

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  1. Plain cardboard box. Brown. Separate the layers carefully and you end up with the corrugations. Cut into scale type strips and voila. Likewise the building is the same cardboard box covered with a stone print. Different size boxes have different size corrugations, the bigger the box, the bigger the corrugations. Cheers Dan.
  2. $600 it is. Pick up/ freight up to you.A great little track ideal for 1/32 - my GT40's tear around it, lot of fun. Dan.
  3. Ok. Alright, $750.00 then but you still need to pick up or organise and pay freight. Dan
  4. This building is for my Spaghetti Junction routed track. I was/am working on an Italian countryside Mille Miglia theme. Track is for sale if interested, see that thread. Regards Dan
  5. https://postimg.cc/gallery/3fg2gscq4/ Spent a few hours building this from a cardboard box. I am particularly pleased with the roof, separated the cardboard and used the corrugations to form tiles before painting. All guess work but came out well and cost nothing but time. Dan
  6. Link above for photos of Spaghetti junction. Also the building, and one other 'Martini' building, trees, real metal guardrails and 2 Slot.it SCP -1 controllers with power unit. Regards Dan
  7. If only it was easier to post photos on this forum. Oh well, I must be getting old. Dan. ��
  8. The time has come to sell my two lane routed track. Power unit included and 2 Slot.it hand sets. Scenery needs finishing I have most of that, just not installed, but a lot of track in a small area. Quite heavy, track folds down onto inbuilt base. $900.00 ono. Brisbane location, pick up only. PM for further info. Dan
  9. Thanks Garry, both are working well and I am having fun dialling into their characteristics.
  10. Yes Peter I am with you. Been a fan since the 60's, watched various teams dominate like Mercedes are now, most teams struggled to compete - the mid field today is much stronger, but without the obscene budgets of the biggest teams they will always be midfield. The noise is s#!t, just listen to the V8's, V10's, and 12's of the not so distant past. I agree the tracks are ridiculously sterile, and in the main, boring. I have always liked Monaco the most because one millimetre off line and it's an early shower, and the proximity of the cars makes them seem they are travelling a damn sight faster than they are. I have had to employ a VPN to get in through the back door to watch GP's on Channel 4 otherwise I would not see any of the season. I used to gauge my year from GP to GP but now I am drifting away. I am happy to pay, but the F1 TV access still hasn't reached us after two years. A shame, I still love the sport but it has definitely gone stale. And worse still, the Red Bull Air Race has pulled the pin. May as well take up cricket....
  11. Yes, Mark is very helpful. Highly recommended.
  12. Hi Garry, are both controllers still available. Thanks Dan
  13. Yes, bit of earth base colour and some static grass will bring that up. You tube static grass applicator - you can make one for about $15 from an electronic fly swatter and a sieve.
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