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  1. Still no Rover SD1 . I'm up for a walkinshaw XJS and a Bartlett camaro .
  2. Been off the scene for a little bit , would love an SD1 if available , John. GP2 Driver , XJS available here http://www.georgeturnermodels.com/shop/jaguars-x13/jaguar-twr-xjs-gt-901/#588
  3. I'd like him to do an SD1 (Rover)
  4. oooh , might have to add some minilites tomy order , thanks Munter
  5. 1 kit John , torque thrust five spoke's for me & I'll pay extra for some kidney beans as well
  6. Even the inserts from the LJ and maybe minilites , John . ..... I'll build that LJ one day
  7. Put me down for a kit Munter , couple of rim suggestions
  8. Is the Jag XJS Group A still available it doesn’t seem to show on the page? Always wanted to do a Bathurst version. Yes it is .I couldn't find it either , until I made a comment on his facebook page ........ http://www.georgetur...xjs-gt-901/#588
  9. Keep going back and looking at his site for ages. I've ordered the Group A Jag XJS , wide body Hillman Imp is tempting.
  10. Thats Awesome Bram , good job . Haven't been near my projects for over 12 months
  11. here ya go http://www.trademe.co.nz/antiques-collectables/other/auction-1270033810.htm
  12. Yep , going to get one ..... to sit onthe bench with the other i/2 dozen projects I haven't finished I also see yellow but with some black and Caterpillar sponsored . I are you going to do inserts for the wheels David ?
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