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  1. Since you cannot get into HRW, post your specs here. I will also reach out to Harry and see if we can reset your password.
  2. I will photo all the cars and have the builders share their specs. I’m going to see 2 of the proxy tracks this week and I hope to have a race done 27th and 7th then ship the cars east. You guys are getting all the inside information here.
  3. The more exposure he merrier, please feel free to paste the reports there and links. I hope that here will be video of most tracks. The start will be delayed as I need to call an audible due to slight change of plans. That said, I maybe able to pull off 2 local races to start the proxy which will put us on schedule or slightly ahead.
  4. The Munter glass works well, saves over 2 grams. ( I trimmed away the side glass)
  5. I have mine….swapped out the wheels and tires.
  6. Your car arrived today…. I will attempt to dig up photos of some of the tracks. I will not open cars until I have #s and I’ve decided which car I’m shipping with the other builders.
  7. Congratulations to the leaders!!! It appears a Falcon is in my future as it appears the #19 Camaro cannot keep pace with the Falcons…. Hoping for a top 5 in the end.
  8. Great looking car ! I will take care of the instructions and tape over the screws.
  9. I sent you a PM here…. You will be good to go with either number.
  10. 40.00 includes return postage of all cars. When you say broken suspension you don’t mean the pod correct? If it’s just the plastic decorative rods you are referring on the back of he car, you remove them or send as is. And yes, I added you to the list this morning.
  11. Charles, we have a waiting list you would be second on the list. If you’re ok you can send me a car that I will hold in case we have a withdrawal. We have had 2 this week. Going forward I will post proxies where I’m steward here for you all. https://www.hrwforum.com/forum/proxy-racing/-2023-24-le-mans-proxy
  12. Big Pepsi, I’m looking forward to receiving your car as well. I finished in the top 5 with a Shark22 last year so never say never. I feel this will be a close proxy and any builder can take it. I’m hoping for 10 different winners and mixed podiums.
  13. Looks GREAT!!! Similar setups in the past won the Can Am Proxy back to back years if it helps. If it’s easy to drive and sticks like I expect, it should be a top performer. I’m leaning towards another car as a driver had trouble on my annual routed track testing with my Lola. I can’t wait for the fun to begin.
  14. I was going by scoring, then took another look and I figured it out. I did better than I thought.
  15. Thank you for hosting and running round 1. Congratulations Oldman on the win, Charles and Roadrunners on your podiums. Looking forward to the next round. Thank you.
  16. This will be fun!!! Thank you for putting this on!!
  17. Any updates on the start of the proxy?
  18. It’s a 69 Camaro, NSR Shark22 motor, 11/33 gearing on CBD wheels and MJK rear tires. Good Luck to all the builders..
  19. Brumos RSR


    Stop working with EVOs, they have proven to be slower…..much slower in the GT3 proxy and Can Am Proxy.
  20. Brumos RSR


    Keith, that looks great!!! Don’t forget to try the other tire combinations of the other 2 cars before you ship…. Sometimes it’s better to go good than to look good, this is one of those times. I’ve been surprised a few times.
  21. Charles, your Camaro ran GREAT you better send it!!! I actually entered the wrong car this year its 69 Camaro so I’m not eligible for prize $$. I’ll have the 79 ready next round.
  22. I agree with Peter Gunn, old rules simple. Maybe just inline with 18k or 14k and strictly GT cars. Phil, if you’re willing to organize tracks, I can help create interest on at least 2 boards. Plus I can have North American cars come to me, ship one box to you, if we think it will cut overall costs. Hopefully other countries can do the same.
  23. New host appear to be over thinking the simple rules of proxies past. I did the math and we have enough tracks world wide to do 1 continent each year with international builders. Keeps the cost reasonable and everyone racing.
  24. Meaning I WANT brass chassis in the proxy.
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