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  1. This hasn't worked for me for months. my workaround is to right-click the next page number & open in new tab...to get to the page. Obviously this is a bit of a pain to scroll through many pages of a thread this way. All main browsers the same.
  2. Is this actually happening Peter? It was announced what, 2 years ago ?........It will be on my must have list if it ever sees the light of day though.
  3. As a relative newcomer to racing with a club here in Hobart, I've almost come to the end of the process of buying all the carts I need to have a runner in every series we run (which is a 2 year cycle with about 12-13 series per year). Luckily I've been able to obtain many from very generous club members selling spare cars & haven't had to buy new ones each time. Anyway, I'm at a point now where I only buy new cars if they really grab me for home racing/playing, or if I'm not happy with a current series racing car. In the last year I've certainly made less purchases than in any of the other 5 or 6 years I've been involved. They've been along these lines: Policar Ferrari 412P (R.Attwood, P.Courage, Maranello Concessionnaires) - loved the car, but was also a possible runner as a car for a newly tweaked series we were running. Didn't quite work out for that......but still very glad I bought it. Thunderslot M6B (Denny Hulme)- For purely personal reasons. Revoslot Porsche 911 GT2 Vaillant - this was for a new series. Spirit Porsche 936 - replacement for current horrid car in series. and as far as upcoming purchases goes: Currently I've only got 1 planned purchase (with an order in) & that mirrors those above (The Foley McKeown Porsche 911) - Just because I missed out on the previous Foley 911 & I haven't got any of the classic shaped 911s in my entire collection so far. That's all planned so far......this might change of course ! & Munter...I read this every day. I will try very hard to contribute more, even if they are trivial comments that go along with my inexperience in the hobby :-) cheers Mal.
  4. Malomay

    Car Weight

    Although, as I've found coming from a newbies background over the last few years, sometimes a slightly slower car with a bit of extra weight will make it more drivable for those of us with less than cat like reflexes :-) ie - less de-slots = quicker overall. I am still in awe of the blokes at our club that can take a car out of the box with no weight & drive the wheels off it.
  5. Yeah....Nah = same in Aust :-) did we ever have anything closely similar in the Aust/NZ market ? I used to think that the Datsun 120Y coupe was horrid looking when i was a kid, it didn't fit my picture of a well proportioned car. But they seem to have a bit of a popular following these days ....as it seems do most cars of that era (nostalgia.....it looks through rose coloured glasses) !
  6. That reinforces our experience as well Kevin. This was a handout (Club car) at our club around 3 years ago. I drew the Marcos. It has improved each time we've run the series (3 times now) & yes, the tyres are still original & were absolutely beautiful in the last series !!!
  7. Yeah, same issue for me..Firefox, Chrome, Edge all the same - latest versions of all. If you right click on the page number & choose to open link in a new tab....it works. Mal.
  8. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    I am wondering if some static grass sprinkled & glued to the base would help ? anyone tried this ?
  9. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    I know, I know........, it's a little bit of a balancing act with the figures. How easy do I want to be able to move them ?, against how much effect is lost by having the "see though" bases. I'm not quite ready to lock them all in to their current positions yet, I still like tweaking them & moving them around into different locations/poses
  10. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    Just another small scenic update....keeps me amused ! The actual starters position at Longford, - was on top of a 44 gallon drum....similar to this ! http:// http:// Some more figures have arrived & made their way to various spots on the track.....very specific figures mind you.... A lucky Die-Cast find at a market & some decals very generously provided (& applied) by Phil Kalbfell & we have Bib Stillwells towing vehicle ! and finally, a shot of the Pub on the corner getting ready for Bathurst weekend.......(Although some might say he needed a few more trips). Beer Kegs again generously printed off by Phil! that's all for now !
  11. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    Another little scenic addition, on the old Longford Circuit about halfway along Tannery straight was thew following building (shot taken from RFactor track) http:// So, I had a go at re-creating this impressive building on the Sorell Creek (Longford themed) Track. Again, as with most of my buildings, very easy foamboard construction. This time covered with textured brick sheets that add a slight 3d effect to it. http:// http:// http:// cheers !
  12. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    The finished bridge took its place on the track.....
  13. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    Then added the advertising on the sides. I used publisher to re-create the signage from scratch. and hot glued stairs to the structure.
  14. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    The original bridge was extremely "safe" and used a covering of chicken wire over the bridge to "protect " the pedestrians. I used insect netting (not quite the same shape, but close enough!)
  15. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    I added the boards (thin balsa scored & painted)
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