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  1. I definitely need some wood guides and ill check my stocks to get a few more bits
  2. Falls Road Week 4 apparently Week 4 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3
  3. Not sure what week we are on. It kinda messes things up when we chop and change weeks. I picked what was after the week that ran at Peters.
  4. Falls Road this week. Please remember to park at the school and walk down. Roscoe is the exception. Doors open 5:45. 1 Pioneer Legends 2 Muscle Cars 3 1965 to 1980 sports
  5. I will let you know. I have just bought a 3D scanner that scans to 0.1mm.
  6. Tried to post a video but was too big. I'll try our fb page.
  7. A timely reminder for us all mate, just some perspective.
  8. Gents just some general comments about marshalling that I believe needs to be mentioned. Being a regular deslotter myself & a marshal of average performance. 1. In my own case I have realized [my old brain is a bit slow] that poor marshalling can only be poor marshalling if I don't come off. In short don't get grumpy with the marshal if you were the one that came off. Root cause of your not making the top numbers is your problem not the marshals. 2. If you are taken out by the lad beside you or as a result of his misdemeanor remember this. At the time your eyes are on your car, you know exactly who caused the upset & who should be put on first. The marshal is either talking & not paying attention, focusing on multiple cars\corner in his care & doesn't have the benefit, as the driver does, of focused vision. He reads it as he see's it & reslots cars with the best intentions. None of us deliberately reslot the wrong car. 3. The evening is about racing good cars, banter, hanging with some good guys & some downright good fun. Winning is great or getting amongst the top dogs but it shouldn't be the sole purpose of the evening, in my view. In recent times I feel like we are losing sight of this & to be honest getting pretty "testy" about it. 4. Having a yarn whilst marshalling is good, we don't need to become so serious we stop talking to each other but we need to be mindful that trackside is also about marshalling & providing other racers with a reasonable level of service. Drivers shouldn't be having to interupt a social moment in order to get their car reslotted. 5. Coming off is a part of racing [in the real world too], more so for some of us than others. Getting caught up in someone else's mishap is also part of racing [in the real world too]. 6. The most important one DONT ABUSE ME FOR RAISING THIS. My voice is not alone & the forum is not a place for hanging out our dirty washing.......this is simply a reminder about some marshalling basics. LET THERE BE PEACE BROTHERS
  9. Its a man thing. Only one thing at a time, marshall or smile you cant have both.
  10. Potentially may not make it on Thursday
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