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  1. Sorry Pedro I'm crook and don't want to shear it
  2. Sorry Gents I'm out again this week
  3. Thanks for the update Mark I thought I felt a little to relaxed haha
  4. Any results I'd like to know where I ended up oh that's right Taupo haha
  5. I'll be there Paul hopefully I do better than last time haha
  6. Are we racing this week or are we taking a break???
  7. I'm in if I can find some car's haha
  8. Looks like am out for the next 3 week's as well haha
  9. Thanks for opening up last night Paul and Ryan. Good fun
  10. Thank you everyone that made this year very enjoyable slowly getting better and having some great battles a long the way with some great conversions and banter looking forward to next year with more of the same. Merry xmas all hope you and your families have a safe and enjoyable time.
  11. Thanks for a great night everyone had a massive battle with Ross awesome night thanks Gents
  12. Looks to me like that guy needs to sharpen his start procedure up haha thanks for a great night
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