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  1. Just a little something I threw together today ..... nah just kidding, I started this back during the Xmas break and only got around to finishing it last night. Seems a pity to smash it up in racing but what else would you with a white kit ...... Just need to tune the chassis for wood track racing now.
  2. Nice one Chris - always admire your work..... your chassis's are always immaculate and tidy.
  3. Finally I can login, been awhile. So as a wrap up to this topic, here is the finished Project 2 Grp 5 Mustang and final Group Pics. Final Group Pic Now the work starts - have to tune up each one for the track.
  4. Crashed again - got a different error message -"Content Encoding Error - The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses a invalid or unsupported form of compression". That's a new one for me....
  5. Opps - spoke too soon - went to another part of forum and connection crashed on me - eventually gave me 500 connection error and internal server issue( Apache) - so something is still not happy. I note your site is not a secured site- wonder with heighten security protocols on browsers and anti virus software, this may be starting to become a issue.
  6. Hi Guys I'm using Firefox on a PC, since last week I had not been able to login and last 6 days when I tried to bring up the web site - I was getting a too many connections error message. Today was first time I could access the website and login, though login took time to respond. Whatever was causing the blockage seems to have sorted itself if you guys didn't do anything.....
  7. Project 3: Slotit Skyline R32 - Completed Had alot more parts to fit but pretty straight forward once you did a test fit. Again on a borrowed chassis, still building it's final chassis but will have fully Blacked out mags.
  8. Project 1: Sideways Grp5 BMW M1 Completed Finally finished! This kit had the least number of parts to assemble but boy were they fiddly, and the fitting was quite critical, so brute force didn't work! Silver highlights are Bare Metal Foil, the black panels and window frames were hand painted Matt black. I borrowed a chassis but likely will go for Black BBS wheel inserts to continue the black highlight theme. Just noticed from the front, it sort of looks like a Ferrari, not intentional but not a bad thing.
  9. Hi Terry I regularly use Mr Hobby Gloss Topcoat B-501:500 now. This is a water based product but can be used over alot of different finishes like Enamel and Lacquer. Drys fast, doesn't attack decals. I use to use Model master Ultra Gloss but last few times it bubbled up on me which wreaked the finish - something to do with it atomizes very fast after leaving the nozzle, so I tried Mr Hobby and found it did the job for me. They have a number of clear coat options eg Water base or Lacquer base.
  10. Project 2: Sideways Group 5 Mustang Sideways White Kit Patto Decals - Pennzoil Tamiya Yellow Chrome Took a while to fit the decals. The Mustang doesn't have a lot of large flat surfaces to work with ie had to squeeze the decals into the widest spots. Still got to Clear coat and do some highlighting. Getting there.
  11. Project 3: Slotit Nissan Skyline R32 Slotit White kit Patto Decals - Pennzoil Tamiya Yellow Chrome Iconic paint scheme, hard to mistake for anything else. Bit of fiddling with the decals was required as they were originally for the R34 Skyline which is wider and taller than the R32. Pleased with the look, still got to do final clear coat and black the window frame trim.
  12. Projects 2 and 3 Can you guess the livery?
  13. I had some spare Tamiya cans of Yellow Paint and thought, what else could I use them on..... appears there are alot of good liveries around. Not going for a authentic replica, just something unique that the other club guys won't have. Only thing is, next time use White primer not grey, Yellow doesn't cover grey very well and needs a few extra coats - always learning.... Project 1: Sideways Grp 5 BMW M1 Sideways White kit Patto Decals Tamiya Yellow Chrome spray can paint Blank canvas All decals on Still need final clear coat over the Decals and some paint and trim highlights and a Chassis.
  14. Ran our Inaugural Slotit Nissan Skyline R32 class last Tuesday and we were graced by the presence of Chris Radisch to our little track. Pleased to see we didn't have too many duplicate liveries. There were good signs for the class with close racing and alot of fun. Top 3 were separated only by segments. Everyone is still tuning their cars to get the right handling formula to suit their driving styles but surprising how stable the cars are. We set in the rules stock motor and gearing, P6 tires only and some weight allowed - for most, we were running 4.8 to 5.0 sec laps, but to be expected Westie and Chris was running 4.7 laps, so they are the bench mark. Pretty sure with some more tuning and track time, everyone will get closer performance wise. Pics below - we still have another 4 cars to come who couldn't race this side of the year but I can see some more Jimmy Richard cars appearing - just a iconic livery.
  15. Old modelers trick - try using colored sharpie or felt tip on the inside of the clear lens - but test on something clear first to see if shade is what you want. Or alternatively paint inside with silver then apply the clear red or orange on the outside- supposedly gives it more depth, again experiment before try on the real thing.
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