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  1. Good point. On vacay this week will check the Turner wheelbase when I get home.
  2. Thanks for those photos. . Shapeways Torana chassis sounds ideal for me
  3. Would either of you be able to post a photo of yours? Btw found a great livery for it. In 1984 they raced a one off in Macau in black and gold JPS livery
  4. I do like them to look right. I am ok of scale is a little off to allow them to race a bit better. Fly M3 much better on my track than Scalextric due to wider track.
  5. What? Where? Who? Which Phil makes a Jaguar XJS larger than George’s? Don’t get me wrong Turners is amazing.
  6. And how can a Jaguar xjs be shorter than. BMW 635. Both next to each other right side of bottom row
  7. Let’s add some visuals to the verbal diarrhea above! first the pretty bodies that I have to hand (Volvo and Godzilla Nissan not here yet. in order left to right back row to front row the chassis photo cars are ninco Sierra, Fly M3, Scalextric Rover, Munter VK, Munter a Mustang, Scalex Sierra, Scalex M3, Spirit 635, George Turner Jaguar XJS. note just how narrow the two Scalex cars are in bottom left compared to the Ninco and Fly immediately above them. You can also see it in the middle picture when seen from above
  8. Hi nimrod. Would be overjoyed to be patient, so I will be! Be patient with my comments I have no idea how this works or what it takes For me the it comes down highest possible quality of model execution but still raceable. If that means integral grille, bumpers and mirrors then I am 100% fine with that - it is how my plastic and resin models are for the most part. Happy to pay of course for either model preparation and or production. Again on production I am looking for best possible production. Eg on shapeways I can occasionally choose type on production and I will always choose the highest detail, smoothest /least grainy etc finish I can get. note I have already have some cars but looking for more resin: Ford Mustang (Munter: what a body! Slot.it Alfa chassis), Holden VK (Munter: ditto!) 3D 1969 Scalex Mustang chassis) resin: Jaguar XJS by George Turner absolutely Beautiful but I feel way too small/ narrow 3D chassis for Scalextric BMW M3 resin: Outlaw has Holden VK, Holden VL Group A coming to me in due course. They are planning on making Holden VL Walkinshaw and Nissan Skyline HR31 in future vacform: Volvo 240 Turbo (Milan at MTR32.com - chassis TBD haven’t received it yet plastic Scalextric: BMW M3 (omg it is tiny and narrow 3D Chassis), Ford Sierra RS500 (narrow, 3D Chassis), Rover 3500 , 3D Chassis plastic Ninco: Ford Sierra RS 500. Much wider and easier drive than Scalextric version. , 3D Chassis plastic Spirit: BMW 635 awesome but cost a fortune to get one. , 3D Chassis Plastic Fly: BMW M3 lovely much wider and bigger than Scalextric version. , 3D Chassis plastic Slot.it: Mercedes 190E, Opel Calibra (DTM), Alfa Romeo 155, Nissan Skyline HR34 Godzilla (coming) all on Slot.it chassis. The above run the exact same Slot.it components as the Slot.it DTM/Group A class motor pod, motor, axles, motor, gears, guide etc. all the 3D chassis came from Amato, Cg, Olifer and are all using same in-line motor mount as the slot.it class defining cars. If it helps you in any way here is my wishlist in priority order for high quality plastic 3D printed bodies BMW 635, Volvo 240T, Jaguar XJS, Mitsubishi Starion, Alfa 75, Maserati Biturbo, Alfa GTV, Toyota Supra, Nissan DR30 (just different in lack of rear wing and front air dam?), Nissan HR31, Holden VL Walkinshaw, Holden VL Group A, Holden VK, Ford Mustang,
  9. For me the ones I would want to make are Alfa 75, Alfa GTV, BMW 635, Ford Mustang, Holden VL, Holden VK, Maserati Biturbo, Nissan DR30, Toyota Supra, Volvo 240T, Jaguar XJS, Mitsubishi Starion
  10. Well that sound awesome. My issue is I have no clue how to take. 3D model and get it printed. Is that something I do thru shape ways or something?
  11. Good picture of original material on left and a stuccoed version on right
  12. This is what they look like from the manufacturer. Basically laser cut thin MDF except mine didn’t have the fancy windo inserts and balcony posts of this later version
  13. Decided to work on my Italian Village today. Originally ProScalehobbies buildings I had already used grout in two different colors for the deliberately rough stucco look but all the windows and balconies and doors were identical and not painted so I added some changes including changing the roof tile look to be closer to the real thing Buildings before And after Roof before and after
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