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  1. Yeah you're probably right. Sorry for the very late reply!
  2. I've had a few parcels arrive from the US to Aus within 2 weeks of ordering which I think is pretty good considering all that's going on with covid. Problem is when it gets to Australia. I had 1 parcel that took a further 3 weeks to get to me. There is still 1 parcel floating around the Auspost vacuum somewhere that arrived in Aus on Sept 12. The UK has been pretty good as well with a package arriving in 8 days! Then Auspost taking 2 weeks to get it to me. I'm still waiting for something to get posted in Japan. I ordered it in June! The seller says it's because of the problems with the postal service in Japan and he doesn't want to lose the package?????? He says he can get the parcel to me within 7 days if I pay another US$27 to mail it via some company with connections to USPS. WTF
  3. Hi Chris, No doubt the track will be finished off very well. I'm just curious as to why a plastic track when Ernie obviously has the skills to build a wooden track. No doubt all that Policar track is more expensive than a routed wooden track. Is it for a different class of cars or for a different driving experience? Cheers Mark
  4. Hi Rosco, WoW, thank you for such a terrific reply. Me, well I've had an interest in all things related to wheels since I began to walk and talk I think. I started off with matchbox cars that I used to play with in the yard where I would build tracks in the garden and drive the cars around. Sometimes my neighbour would come with his cars and we have races, crashes and car shows. Nothing like imagination! I ended up with 2 stanford school cases full of cars that were bought with my 50c a week pocket money for keeping the yard clean. I think the cars were 20c back then. I did have a battery powered figure 8 slot car set. Long gone now but my best slot experience was with a Grp20 womp womp that I bought from a slot car centre in Sydney. I think it was about $5 second hand. I put new tyres on, an EH holden body that I painted metallic burgundy with silver detailing and brown tinted windows. It looked a treat and I had a heap of fun racing it against more "slippery" womp womps. The owner of the centre put clear "wings" (like a speedway sprint car) on my car for me and I was allowed to keep running with the "slippery" bodied cars. That was even more fun as I was racing for wins instead of just hanging on. I sold that car to help fund my Speedwell push bike and that was the end of slot cars for a while. I had some AFX set ups over the years but other interests took over. Real cars, motorbikes, girls, surfing and work took over my life. I had developed an interest in building model cars and drawing for my "indoor" hobby but eventually building and restoring motorbikes took over as a hobby. I raced dirt bikes for a while and even got into vintage racing. I still build/restore bikes but don't race so much these days. Being so bloody cold in rural Victoria over winter, I needed an indoor hobby (instead of staying in the shed til all hours) and rediscovered slot cars. I have a good collection of Scalex and Pioneer road cars but there aren't many Aussie cars to be had. I have only used my rally cars on track, as like you I think the others are more a collectors thing. I also have some AFX again as there really is more race in less space! I have toyed around with developing a new 1/64 chassis for the AFX size cars as I want to have old muscle cars that actually belong on the chassis and not just "sit" on it with wheels sticking out way past the body line. I've taught myself how to do resin casting and have had some pretty good results with "test" bodies for the AFX and the new chassis which got me thinking about 1/32 cars. The torrie was my first choice as not only is it my favourite Aussie car but I hadn't ever seen or read about a slot car version being available until I stumbled onto this forum and this thread started by you. Seeing as I had already started on my Torrie project before I got here, I will continue on with it. I do like the idea of building brass chassis. It is well within my skill set. However, I'm thinking of making a molded chassis to start with as I have some ideas on how to make the "plastic" chassis work better. Getting it lower to the track would help for a start I think. An adjustable height motor pod and steering would be nice too. On that note, I have sent an email to "chase-cars".com but I haven't heard back from him and all the bits on his website are labeled as zero stock. I'm guessing he lost interest or the business wasn't viable. I'm not attempting to start a new business. I'm just attempting something different for the fun of it and hopefully make something better than what is currently on "off the shelf" models. If I get it right, making the plastic chassis will be done within an hour and ready to put the running gear into. It is all just a thought bubble at the moment. Like you, I do like tinkering and that is a big part of my interest in slot cars as well. I don't have anyone other than the Mrs to race with out here so building cars has piqued my interest. Interesting that you mention a narrow track width slot car with skinny tyres will handle just as good as a wider track slot car with wide tyres. These are the type of details I don't know about slot cars. I do realise that having a really fast motor doesn't translate into a fast car. Just like anything with a motor and wheels, the biggest limitations are found in geometry, suspension and feel rather than all out power. What is it with the Scalex Torana that makes it such a slug? Tyres aside, is it the long can motor? motor position? (balance) ride height? What makes a car brake? Is it the type of motor or does drive grip make the difference? I'm thinking a higher "torque" motor will brake better than a higher rpm motor? I hear you on the wipers that Scalex put on the cars. They are fugly and way out of scale. Leaving them off would indeed look better. Better still would be to have them molded into the body and the screen, then they can't break off. I may be able to make up some suitable glue on wiper assemblies. I have both the the SLR and GTHO models so making a revised set shouldn't prove too difficult. Anyway, I should get off my arse and do some actual work. Cheers Mark
  5. Does anyone know if mail from Taiwan is coming to Aus? I have had a parcel on hold for nearly 2 months. I'm beginning to think the seller might be conning me......
  6. Thanks Chris. Will the track be fixed in position so the joins don't move or will track clips be used? Cheers Mark
  7. G'day Rosco, I don't know if "race" would be the appropriate word for our builds. I have many projects that I am working on, including house, car, motorbikes and making a living. The LJ build is just something I am toying around with. I am definitely taking a different approach to you. Yes, I want the 'rana to look the goods from the outside, but I think I'd like the little beast to be on a level playing field with the likes of the Falcon so increasing the track is my thought process at the minute. As a slot car the LJ doesn't have the advantages it had on the real race tracks. Brakes, fuel economy and agility don't come into play on a slot track. I'm definitely not an expert on what makes a great slot car, which is part of the reason why I joined the forum. I have a lot to learn about what are the best set ups to use. At this stage, I'm liking what parts are available from slot.it so i reckon I will start the chassis (PCS32) with their parts. I don't have a lathe so I won't be making my own wheels either. I like the idea of having a wider rear tyre so the LJ is on equal terms in that department as well. Sprintmaster inserts will definitely be on the list as I want the model to be as accurate as I can achieve on the outside. As for Diameter, I'm figuring 14" will have to be the choice. I also don't have a clue as to what the different classes of cars are (at club days etc.) so I think I want to make a model chassis that is basic and is easily modified. At this stage I'm thinking of the pioneer typhoon short can motor, slot.it rear axle and crown gears, brass bushes and a quality guide that I am yet to figure on. Is the Scalex guide good enough? Is the Pioneer guide better? Or is there another guide that is the "must have"? I will seek out a club to join once this covid world has settled down. I have a heap of Scalex sport track to set up for testing cars on but "racing myself" isn't much fun. Setting up track on the floor isn't much fun either. I'm yet to get (make) a big enough platform to set a track up on so I don't have to pack it all up when I've finished for the day. Any suggestions/advice for wheels etc. will be much appreciated. Stay safe! Cheers Mark
  8. WoW Rosco, You certainly are a man of details. And I thought my OCD had me by the never regions..... I am in the process of making a master for a 1/32 LJ when I stumbled onto this thread. If only I knew someone was already making them..... Mine will be a bit different to the body you have though as I plan to make them with separate bumbers, headlights, tail lights and grille. I have a few PCS32 chassis so I'm going to start with one of those and see where I end up. I will watch your build progress with a lot of interest Cheers
  9. Looks like a fantastic project. I bet that Policar track cost a small fortune in track parts. I'd be interested to know what the plan is to address making sure the connections maintain power supply?
  10. I'm Mark, not Mike. I don't have any pics of the chassis as yet. Basically, the chassis is narrow enough to fit inside the wheel arches of most 1/64 scale cars without cutting or modifying anything on the body. It utilises readily available AFX parts and fits the N20 can motor. I still have a few tweaks to work out before I "manufacture" the chassis so it is a work in progress. Once I have a final product, I will share with the forum. Cheers
  11. Thanks Matt Yeah I know about the Scalex Falcons and Toranas but there are plenty of other Aussie cars I'd like to see from the 60's, 70's and 80's. I am and always have been a fan of the old production ( and Group C) rules that CAMS used to run before the Supercars era. I used to build a lot of model cars way back when there were no spray paints for modelling! Spray paints and the like have made model building so much better and easier. I still have a few vintage kits to build when I hang up the boots. Needles to say, I too like the build it yourself process but I am not clued up enough on CAD and 3D printing to attempt making masters using that process. I'm thinking of making clay "masters" like it used to be done but from what I have learned from the net, Airfix, Monogram, Revell and MPC model makers would spend up to 100 hours on a master before the molding process could take place. And being the stickler for detail that I am, I could see myself spending alot of time on each master as well. A one piece body wouldn't take as long but they seem to lose the detail that I like to have. Maybe one day! Cheers Mark
  12. Well, hello all. I have have just signed up. It took awhile for the registration page to load up. So long infact that I was beginning to think the forum must be dead. Lucky I persevered. Mind you, our internet connection gets a bit iffy at time so it could just be that. My story... Like most I had slot cars as a kid. My first was a battery powered figure 8 set that I played with for hours on end until the batteries went dead, The olds eventually got sick of buying batteries and the slot car set went "somewhere". I did have a Group 20 womp womp with a lexan EH Holden body that I used to race at a track in Sydney's CBD. Then skateboards, pushbikes, surfing, girls, motorbikes and cars took over my thought processes. A guy with a car seemed to get more girls so they eventually took over for a while. I built quite a few old Holden street cars and helped mates with their cars. Started with a HK premier. A HQ kingswood. A HQ SS Monaro. A couple of Statesmans and a HZ one tonner. All gone now but I still have a "project" in the shed. In between cars I somehow got back into slot cars and ended up with a few AFX sets and a heap of cars. That went by the wayside when I started racing dirt bikes again and the AFX lot got stolen from a mates place. A few years ( too many to think about) have passed and I now find myself with too many old injuries for dirt bikes and climbing under and over cars in the middle of winter in rural Victoria. That led me to rediscovering slot cars. I now have a few Scalextric sets and a heap of AFX as well. I've also rediscovered that I have a thing for street based slot cars and have a few US muscle cars in 1:32 scale. All the AFX (well most) cars are "race" cars although there are other brands of street cars that are all US based muscle cars and they cost a small fortune to get to Australia. The bodies don't fit the chassis very good either with wheels sticking out everywhere and the bodies way up off the ground. I want cars that look like the real thing! Seems the US guys are more interested in going so fast that you can barely see the cars going around the track over having realistic looking cars. So that idea has led me to developing a new 1/64 scale chassis that will fit under a realistic muscle car body. The chassis works pretty good but being more narrow than the usual 1/64 chassis, it's not quite as fast which doesn't worry me as the standard 1/64's are ridiculous fast and stick to the corners like nothing else. At least my chassis needs some "technique" to drive quick. I'm waiting for this Covid thing to settle so I can get some injection molded chassis made up rather than the resin ones I made for proof of concept. Well, that's my story for now. I'm here to learn and meet new people with similar interests so thanks for having the forum. Cheers Mark
  13. Great stuff Matt. I'm new here as of tonight and I got stuck reading this entire thread. Your workmanship is fantastic. You have inspired me to keep on with my new hobby. Well actually, I had slot cars as a kid and even had a grp20 womp womp with a lexan EH Holden body on it that I used to race at a track in Sydney's CBD. I'm now interested in 60's, 70's and 80's Australian muscle cars but they seem to be very thin on the ground. Anyway, thanks for the time you put into this thread. Cheers Mark
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