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  1. Oh and I am Australian, not an annoying American, just saying
  2. This was actually quite a lot of fun. Got to talk to Maurizio of Slot.it and race. Personally would not have allowed as many changes to tires rear wheels BUT it is a raceway and shop (and a good one at that) and doing a lot to resurrect the hobby. About 1/3rd of field came from our club Farrout Slot Car Club and a third came from across the US.
  3. In town from US and would love to race / hang out at a local race day. My club in Los Angeles is quite successful (average 20 racers for 26 race days a year over 7 classes spread across 8 4-lane home tracks) and always eager to learn how others are doing it. search Facebook farroutslotcarclub to see what we do
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