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  1. Thanks for the great driving and the #1 spot. Terry Noe
  2. Thanks for the terrific race with the USA car in the podded class. Nothing special about that entry. Early Slot.it 25k inline geared in the 2.40 range. I think it weighs around 95 grams. The majority of the weight was placed on the sides of the motor. Of course it has Slot Car Corner Super Wheels on back with finely trued NSR Ultra Grips. Al the tape on the bottom is just insurance incase the screws fall out, lol. Terry
  3. Yep, thats my car. Well, so much for that. Terry
  4. Hello guys, I have a Fly BMW series 3 (Belgium, 4 door car) and wanted to know if it is acceptable as an entry? I have no idea what year it is. If needed, I could post a pic. Let me know. Terry
  5. That car would be mine. Aastes, did this happen at your track? If so, lay the broken piece flat on the rear deck behind the motor and tape it there. I would like to get this piece back at the end of the dupr series to try and salvage this car for more racing. Terry
  6. Mr. Magoo, Thanks for the feedback. Good or bad, its something all proxy racers like to hear. Awesome job with round three guys. I'm looking forward to more DUPR action. Terry
  7. My 908/3 has NSR's. :haha: Ah, no big deal, I don't car where it qualifies. Just drive it to a podium finish and make my weekend. Terry
  8. Ah shoot! I guess I'll have to put the Fosters back in the fridge 'til next weekend. Terry
  9. Very funny Wet. Just keep my car away from the Easy Bake oven....LOL!!! Nice driving guys. Wow, my 908/3 qualified 4th. I now wonder if the Shark 22k would have made the 2/10ths improvement over the Slot.it 25k in my car. Isn't guessing fun? Terry
  10. Whoa! You've made my day. I'm speechless. All I can say is Thank you. You guys are doing a fantastic job. TN
  11. Here's my entry. Specs: Slot.it 25k SW TSRF 14/45 NSR Ultra Grips Ninco guide Super braid 96 grams Fly Evo "red" spring added to pod for suspension effect DUPR tracks hosts, have fun with my 908/3. I really enjoy racing it on my routed track. Terry
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