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  1. Just placed a big Pendles order today!
  2. Me too. That's my process as well. A clean track is a fast, smooth grippy track. My tyres are always dirty after running on Oakland. The newer NSR EVO compound Ultragrips are very prone to balling up, so that may be an issue, Mark. I stopped using EVO Ultras a while back. The EVO Supergrips are heaps better. I use them by choice now.
  3. Great post, Bingo. Right on the money. I know I can see red mist at times when slow marshalling costs me part laps.
  4. One advantage of feeling unwell last night was a day off work today. That gave me time to completely rework 4 x classic Scalextric Jags for a 2hr Thursday race at my place at some stage. Shoutout to Pat for his excellent new design guides - and to Bingo for the best inserts in the game. These old cars go pretty damn good now. Watch this space for a race date.
  5. I am having second thoughts about this date. Will push it out a month or so and confirm later.
  6. THE MIGHTY PIEBONE 300 IS ON! 4 highly modded ProSlot Ferrari 360’s have just rolled off the Thunder Road production line. These puppies are smooth and fast with all the trick gear - completely re-built with nice, torquey SCC Piranha motors bringing the juice. The 2023 ‘Bone will be a teams race over 3 hours. I am suggesting Sunday arvo, Sept 17 - but that can change if it’s a bad fit. Entry fee is $20. Who’s in?
  7. I hope to categorically thrash you all this week with the latest classic Scalextric F1 off the Slotmadmac production line. It's such a honey - and legal too - you cheating mongrels. Be very afraid.
  8. I’ll be there Thursday too Bingo- you old coot.
  9. Thanks for the info Den. Appreciate that and have looked up the Spanish Mini crew. As far as our roster is concerned, I’m pretty happy to go with the flow - but my thoughts are that we should probably stay with 12 classes at this point. You can run Thunderslots in our 65-80 class (I think this class is one of our most popular) I can’t believe I am typing this…. but I would be happy to drop Scalex F1s for NSR / Scaleauto F1s. They are so good to run and we can race them on reduced voltage on the smaller tracks. Unless you’re running next to Gary, carnage shouldn’t be an issue. I generally think we have a pretty good mix of classes - with something for everyone. Personally I would love to see us start over and adopt all the national classes - but that’s never going to happen. So let’s just keep rocking on. I imagine every racing group has issues sorting out classes. Our debates are just a bit more public, because we do them here. Let’s always remember that we’re just a bunch of geeks racing cars on sheds. No one has more say than anyone else. We’re not a club. There is no hierarchy. Don’t be a dick.
  10. Thanks. I remembered later on. I have had a few from them. Good quality for sure.
  11. Holy Guacamole! Our very own PieBone was a heat winner at this years US Slot It Nationals. I hope the scrutineers knew what they were up against! Here he is with NorCal slot car legend Jim Rose at Electric Dreams. Go The Bone!!
  12. My place this week, ladies. Week 3 1 Fly Classics 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] 3 Group 5
  13. Thanks for hosting, Mark. It was quite a tough day on the track for most - with far more deslots than normal in the slower classes and plenty of associated fallout affecting other drivers. Not many clean runs tonight.
  14. I agree. Thunderslots are great.
  15. The Thunderslot 4hr has been run and won. Thanks to everyone who fronted on such a beautiful Hawke's Bay day and special thanks to Pip for the Race Catering package we have all come to expect. There was some brilliant racing, lots of close dices and some high quality nerfing (I'm looking at you Crockett) - just the way an enduro should be. At this point it would be politically correct to say that slot car racing was the winner on the day, but f%#k that - Gill, Graeme and I led from the get go, and never looked liked losing. Shoutout to Graeme who really stepped up and kept on the pace every step of the way. There's no doubt in my mind he brought home the win.
  16. We are running team cars. I am out next week too - I have a fundraiser we can’t get out of - so can’t look at your car. Don’t stress re lap times. It will all work out on the day.
  17. A reminder about the 4hr Thunderslot teams race at my place on Sunday Aug 13. Shed open 12.30. Race starts 2pm. Cars supplied - just turn up and race. We have a couple of guys coming from out of town to have a hoon - should be a fun day!
  18. Thanks for that. I’ll try a new power supply and see if that fixes it, but will keep in touch. Thinking about it now, I think it’s been a slow degradation of consistent power over the last weeks. The issue was definitely there during the JK race.
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