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Found 2 results

  1. Shenanigans Raceway dictionary definition: mischievousness or high-spirited behaviour / secret manoeuvring Well I think I have decided on a name for my track, this is a full Four Lane 1:24 scale modular MrTrax system with full timing system. Love the idea of infinitely expandable track by buying extra modules, unclip, move around, install and clip in new module. I can also take these modules to another track, e.g. yours, and combine all our modules into a mega track.. awesome idea I think. MrTrax website and MrSlotcar website. Highly recommend Peter Van Horssen and both his businesses Mrtrax.com and MrSlotcar.com. 200% professional business operator that provides exceptional products, service and after sales support. You can not go wrong. I am a part of a small group of guys that race every Wednesday around the Taree, Old Bar and Forster area. I am in Taree, NSW, 2430 on the Mid North Coast, my private home MrTrax track is named 'Shenanigans Raceway' Shenanigans Raceway definition: - silly or high-spirited behaviour; mischief. - secret or dishonest activity or manoeuvring. Australian Slot Car Group (ASCG) - all things Slot Cars Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/australianslotcars MeWe: https://mewe.com/group/602df47a35036302d92ad592 NSW Slot Car Group (NSWSCG) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nswslotcargroup MeWe: https://mewe.com/group/602df55d123eb774f9b52594 slotracer.online Library https://slotracer.online/library/index.html slotracer.online Index of tracks and track plans https://slotracer.online/library/tracks/index.html The Complete Slot Racing Handbook https://slotracer.online/manual/index.php The ARC Pro Guide https://slotracer.online/arc-pro-guide/index.html #slotcarsforlife Peter Van Horssen mrtrax.com mrslotcar.com Shenanigans Raceway Logo These last two images showing the special converter module that converts the Super Four Lane track into a Mega Two Lane track...
  2. Hi All. (As posted on SF) The Lane Brain project has grown and changed and grown since first announced. Next there was an interface (Race Base), then V-Dash, then wireless, routed application, flipper assembly, then making the chip compatible to other brands. So Ive decided to roll all threads into just one now the projects direction has been re-established. The total concept project is best described by breaking down into sections: Scorpius A proposed totally new DC or AC based 16 channel wireless digital slot car system that can run on most digital and all analog tracks. Wireless controller Called the Smart Controller this is the brains of the entire system and basically is a wireless controller with all the aux box type goodies on board. It will use Hall sensor technology. It is like a powerbase without the power. It will have a screen and run on batteries. It sends its commands straight to the car (or PC if needed). It will incorporate throttle manipulation programs, track call, ghost car, kiddies mode, pit stop commands etc Wireless car chip A new robust 3 amp 20V unit that can be changed to suit Scorpius, SSD, Ninco or Carrera at the press of a button. This is a universal chip and a major breakthrough in compatibility issues. With the Scorpius Smart Controller and Scorpius Chipped car you could run on any analog (with brakes) and most digital systems. Wireless Lane Change board Still called Lane Brain, it will be for now DC based not AC and will be converted to wireless to reduce set up time and costs. It has live flipper function, anti collision, race modes and about 15 other functions. See Lane Brain post for more detail. Wireless USB dongle This allows more complex programs to be operated from your laptop, and the method in which you download the latest firmware to Lane Brain, Smart Controller or car chip Flipper assembly Simply a custom made flipper assembly for SSD or Scorpius systems. Possible to make a Ninco/Carrera version too. Routed track application The system is made with timber routed track in mind, with the Lane Brain and Flipper Assembly especially designed for timber routed tracks. SSD DC Conversion. A simple way to gets as much trouble free power as you require, no need for MSS mods, no more digital glitches. Simply put a switch on + and - between PB and track, switch off power from PB, connect say 15V DC PSU to rails. You will of course need Scorpius Wireless Controller and at least one Scorpius car chip and its that simple. If you want to run just SSD chipped cars turn your DC PSU off and turn SSD PB back on. Even with an entirely based SSD system you can stiil run a Scorpius chipped car on it in conjunction with a Scorpius controller, and it will still change lanes, record laps, etc. Will post more as project develops. Next step is to make at least 3 wireless cars/controllers for more testing/racing. Cheers Rick
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