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Found 3 results

  1. I have been asked to share some details on how I set up my Sideways Lamborghini, as compared to the standard setup which I have tuned in my Sideways BMW M6. So I thought best to share for the benefit of all. I am not the best builder in our club, let alone across forum. I MAY be the untidiest and the roughest, a badge of grunge that I wear with pride. But my cars go "well enough" to be in the mix at our weekly club race nights. The M6 using stock componentry Front tyres, stock, glued and trued not coated. They will need it as they feel a bit tacky. Front axle, height set with grub screws. Braid - standard. Sideways used their really soft braid on my model of this car. About 3 grams lead near the guide to keep the nose down. None anywhere else. Pod - I have inserted 0.5mm thick soft spacers between the underside of each side pod-screw post and the top of the chassis. Pod screws set with almost no visible slop, JUST off tight so it doesn't flex off the chassis. Maybe 0.1mm gap. This is to absorb shock forces from the torquey motor and bumps on the track. It also raises the pod 0.5mm thus lowering the ride height. Rears, glued and trued. I have tried Sideways Hi-Grip Soft, NSR Ultragrip, Slot.it G25, and N22. All have had a dose of black-arts sauces. There is only about a 0.1 second a lap spread between the 4 tyre sets on my track, I forget which feet it has on it at present. Body screws - changed to a different half thread M2.1 x 7mm screw which suits my screwdriver, and have fitted 1mm soft spacers instead of metal ones to cushion the body movement. Body, not showing from above, but I have nicked another tip from ChrisGuyW, and mounted little blocks of soft foam rubber inside the middle of the body, JUST clear of the chassis, so the body has rock but a limitation of rock for loading the outside tyre on corners. Spoiler - changed to a soft rubber one for club racing. Original stored !! I have been swapping around the wheel/tyre sets between this, the Lamborghini and my Slot.it Maserati these others both being sidewinder. The Maserati is markedly un-fussy, and runs pretty much the same regardless of which shoes it is wearing. In each case the O.D. of the final tyre setup has slight variation which affects final gearing. With the Maserati, I have swapped spurs going up or down a tooth to compensate as needed. It always feels slightly big and lumbering and heavy, despite being quite a light setup in reality. The lead is only 0.8mm thick, maybe 5 grams per visible slab. But it stays in the slot and is very predictable to drive right to the limit, with no bad habits from day one. I haven't had to do much to this car at all. Body screws - changed to a different half thread M2.1 x 7mm +10mm screws which suit my screwdriver, and have fitted 1mm soft spacers instead of metal ones to the screws to cushion the body movement Note: The Maserati has a 3 screw body mount - two at font. I like this for setting the amount of body float. I haven't done anything else to this car, and it is running very good times on my track. The Lambo is a bit more picky, it wants lots of grip to stop the heavier setup below. The Lambo has been converted to sidewinder, and up-powered to a ScaleAuto 25K S--can To run it in our local GT3 class I would have had to use a Shark 22, a Slot.it MX16, a ScaleAuto 20k, or the stock "baby" Raptor/King So this setup is actually for our GT1 class And yes, it has been modified a fair bit. I replaced the chassis with a hard one, roughly sprayed so the red doesn't show when body is fitted. About 8 grams weight at the guide - I did that right back at the started, and could possibly reduce this now. Another 10 grams in the pod, I need to play with reducing this. Pod - I have inserted 0.5mm thick soft spacers between the underside of each pod-screw and the top of the chassis. - I am thinking that with this amount of power, I should swap out the standard 0.5mm offset pod, for a ball race version, as they eliminate the possibility of 0.02mm tolerance between axle and gimbal bush. Ergal 12 tooth Pinion, nice and quiet. Spur - It is showing a 36 tooth. I had a 32 tooth in it, but felt I lacked brakes. I put in the 36 tooth in it yesterday as an experiment ..... it has too much braking now. I need to split the difference to a 34 tooth for my track. The 36 would work on the tightest track in club, the 32 or a 33 on our largest and most open track - Thunder Road. Tyres, again, it has had a try with Sideways Hi-Grip Soft, NSR Ultragrip, Slot.it G25, and N22. I like it best with the N22 and the Hi Grip. The G25 were very smooth, but I felt it lacked bite under brakes. I have just fitted a set of NSR 20x12 Extremes which are a bit of a pig to true, but have even more bite and grip. I may stay with these. Body screws - changed to a different half thread M2.1 x 7mm screw which suits my screwdriver, and have fitted 1mm soft spacers instead of metal ones to cushion the body movement Spoiler - changed to a soft rubber one for club racing. Original stored !! Basically, I still have some development to do on this car as it is still a little off the GT1 pace.
  2. Racing has been going pretty well here in Auckland. We have switched from SSD to oXigen and we have 7 regulars on Wed nights. We are racing GT3 cars with regulations similar to DiSCA GT3 Euro Series. The cars are magnless (of course). The main difference from DiSCA reg are the use of 17K Baby King/Baby Raport motors (the baby sprinter would be too much on this track) and instead of sponges we use NSR tyres. I wanted to give a go at videoing some of the sessions to show how we do digital slot racing up here. The first video below is the 5 min qualify session: we do qualify to set the grid for Race 1. The second video is Race 1: a 14 min endurance race. Our evening racing consists of four races of 14 min each. We use RCSO2 as a race management software which support fuel and tyre simulations: when we run out of fuel and/or tyres we go in the pitlane for a pit stop. I know that some of you might find the track calls annoying: this is the way we like it because instead of having spare people to marshal we are all actively racing which we think is the best way of using our time (who likes sitting there and marshal!). The videos show the racing this Wed evening when only 5 of us could make it. With 7 drivers we are almost at capacity on this track. This means that if we get more people to join us we might switch to team racing in which case, we can use the spare team mates as marshals. The videos were captured on a phone clamped on a vice on top of a shelf so the quality is not the best. Qualify Race 1 if you are in the Auckland area and would like to try your hand at this sort of racing, let me know. We have spare controllers and cars.
  3. Hi All I am introducing you ADSR, a small club that focuses on Digital slot racing. We are currently racing on a ~22m Scalextric Sport track, with 7 lane changers and double-lane pitlane. Here is a picture of the actual track We use a Race Management Software called RCS64 that gives us fuel/tyres/weather simulations during the race. We have been running scalextric GT3, but now we started a new class based on Carrera DTMs: I have put a spec together (you should have seen it on Mark's news letter) and it is giving us very close racing like the real thing. The track can be converted in less than 5 min in running the oXigen system, the digital solution by Slot.it. I think we are the first club in NZ to run this system in a competitive manner. We are still learning how to fully take advantage of it. For this, we are running a Carrera Cup, using the fantastic NSR porsche GT3: We run on Saturday morning and we have controllers and cars to loan to visitors. So if you are spending a weekend in Auckland and would like a go at digital let me know. In the near future (let's say next couple of months) I would like to organise a small enduro for teams running slot.it group C. We will provide the cars (two porsches vs two Lancia LC2), chips and controllers. The idea would be to have 8 to 10 racers organised in 4 teams and run a 3 hours races. We will be using fuel and tyre simulations. This means that it will be a no stop race: drivers will be changed when the car is in the pit for fueling up and/or changing tyres. I am planning this as a Sunday event to be run at the end of June/beginning of July. It would be really cool if drivers from other clubs could join us or event enter a team. Do not worry for cars/chips/controller: we will provide all of that. Just be there and race! ;-) Again if there is any interest let me know. You can use this thread to express your interest. cheers
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