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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I started collecting NINCO, SCX and FLY cars in the early 90's until 2004. All the cars are still in their original boxes and have never been taken out. All the cars released during that period are in the collection. I would like to sell all of these cars, but I will not sell individual cars, only individual brands. If anyone is interested please get in touch and I will provide you with more information. Regards, JanR
  2. Thanks to the great help from Gazza to get this track up and running after the big move - Round Six is underway at Mount Salt Panorama Rally X Circuit. Have finished the Raid cars and onto the Historic's but it may be later tonight before I can grab and post results and some pics
  3. I was repairing an SCX DB9 with a split chassis that I've had for ages but not run for obvious reasons. And running in the new RX42B while working on the chassis. Running submerged in fuellite as is my current procedure with SCX motors. Motor has been run both ways at 3v no broblem. But... When I go to turn the voltage up on the PSU it will not increase. I can adjust the amperage delivered but not the voltage. I fiddled around with the supply for a while thinking this was at fault, checking fuses, leads, pots and switches etc but no change to the situation. Something made me decide to test another motor and all is normal and working well. Back to the original motor and same situation. I can adjust current delivery but not voltage. Motor is also a good 10℃ hotter than the other motor as measure by trusty laser thermometer. Obviously I have sat the motor aside and will crack it open later to investigate. But has anyone any ideas what I should look for? Cursory inspection shows a bit of scratching/groove wear around the comm.
  4. As you are all more than aware I finished a very poor #38 out of 42 in the SCX Rally 2012 - I thought i had a pretty good car but it was obvious after the first few rounds that my car simply didn't cut it. Still the constant pain and suffering throughout the 2012 season gave the missus plenty of ammunition. I've decided to try a slightly different approach for 2013 and have already started selecting the gun motor from the few cars that I was able to source. I bought one of those digital taco's and simply put the slot.it gear on the axle and measure performance. I'm curious if everyone ran 4x4 during the 2012 series or can I remove the pinion and shorten the motor shaft?
  5. This just in from kidvoltage: In the mail.........a large box of cars. We will update with details soon. Regards Rico
  6. purchased this from the SLOT SHOP. then i proceeded to do this . motror is rx 42,slot it wheels and the rim inserts were ground off a scalexrtic musrang
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