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Mt Panorama Track


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Well finally got started on my construction...been a bit slow as i had to do heaps of prep to the area im using to build the track. I know 1:1 tracks dont usually work well but i do intend to convert it to digital later when i have more cash


The area under my house was mostly dirt so ive had to lay a concrete slab, and the area also had heaps of brick piers. The piers were a major obstruction to vision so i have now knocked two of them out to give a better view of the track. The first two photos show the area pre slab and beam.




In these next pics i have put in the slab and removed two piers. The area is now really opened up and i have constucted most of the framework to lay the MDF on.


This second pic is the top of the mountain along the back wall. I say mountain but the track will only rise 300mm as i didnt want to have to many problems with the transition of levels.



I'm really looking forward to getting started on the track surface, should be a fun project

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I like this, a man prepared to re-engineer his house to make space for a slot track . . . . glad to see you have your priorities "sorted"



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Recovering Lapsed Slot Addict :ph34r:  *  Custodian of many used screws (mostly loose :rolleyes:)  *  Total kidder  *  Companion of other delusional slot addicts :lol:  

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Good work! It's very good to see someone else also re-engineering their house to accommodate a track.

I did a similar thing - check it out!



Speaking of which, Pete, when you open again?


Good start there, Mobbzee. Will be nice to see a rival to Mt Salt Panarama.



Old racers race harder

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