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Brisbane Proxy Race


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I noticed you have been very quiet since Nimrods Marcos gave you both a substantial beating ??


I know that Manic has been away and had no internet access, but I did manage to call him and rub it in. He was so disgusted it the cars performance, I had to relay a message via MRS Manic.


Good on you Nimrod, you finally, stopped the banter once and for all.


Manic......cheer up buddy, perhaps you may get at least second last next time

Well I'm not impressed at all!!! :blink:


Damn Ninco slot, ran a dream at Perro's and then lets me down at Martin's track. 1 wheel falling off is bad luck but 2 wheels falling off, (especially after the first 1 has been glued) is just the worst luck ever in the history of bad luck!!!


Oh well, there is always next year, I'll be there with a big tube of super glue. :)


Thanks Martin and Glen for running a very professional event.


Cheers Manic :P


PS - And as for you hmcsat...losing to you just proves how bad my luck was. I had 3 wheels fall off during racing and you beat me by how much? 17 seconds, hold onto that car setup mate! <_<:D

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