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Resin (Knock Offs) ????


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looking At ebay & I'm noticing a lot off resin (dare I say "copys") bodies for sale,,,, don't know too much about the process of casting resin,,, or even if these cars are copies of scaleys latest offerings such as the XB,,, VW,,, & others.


,,,,, gets me thinking if any legal teams are out there looking for these copy's/resin reproduction's in the interest of the bigger slotcar companies..... Or is it anyones game when it comes to copying....

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with stories i've heard before of copyrights/rights/trademarks & the cost in securing these,,,, I'm suprised if the bigger companies/legal are just letting these pass... The otherside to my interest to this was something that I read of,,,,,,, SCX vs. Jaida/Wallop,,,, an industrial knockoff..... I'll have te re-find & read.

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Neil This a very controversial topic. It was recently addressed on one of the casting forums at some length.

General consensus that to avoid any problems the resin repro should not fit into the mould that the original came from.

I have been chastised by one manufacturer, so IF I copy any resin or slot car body I only do so for friends and myself! Certainly do not advertise them for sale.

Copying from other medium such as diecasts or vacforms seems to be O/K.This applies to anything that is still in production.

Out of production seems to be O/K,or if the original has been modified to it does not match the original.

I think the resins you have seen on Ebay are taken from model kits and diecast, if you are looking at the ones with no windows or interior?

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So they are trying but can only fire warning shots,,,,,... though looks like the window is wide open to copy & slightly modify what the manufacturers invest heavily in....... I'm not against resin copies,,, especially those that just cant be bought of any shelf,,, but it suprises me that these RTRcar's have only just hit the shelves,,,, yet others are selling what like looks like copies....


again... I'm not against the copiers,,, just curious as to what the Manufacturers do to protect their interest.

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Neil I think the manufacturers would soon take real action if the resins were being made in any large quantities.

Some manufacturers are more protective of there brand than others. One world wide energy drink manufacturer even scans EBay for anything with its name on it.

Ever wondered why Pattos decals have some letters missing from the listing names!

I have not seen any resin copies of recent RTR for sale. I have seen XA coupes for sale.

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I think the Rouge Bovine is a special case though. Their name and image is really all they have. They don't even manufacture their own product. Media savvy is the way they've gotten to where they are. They are conscious of the fact that it would take very little for that to tumble.

Computers. They'll never catch on.




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