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Building Materials For Body Modifications


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So I'm keen to have a go at modifying a car,,,, I understand @ some stage i'll be using some sort of bog/putty to fill & smooth......but before I go & waste precious moneys I want to know what other cheap house hold materials can be used....


Such as.... (maybe)...


Padle pop sticks........ to build or box wheel guards


Plastic base of slotcar boxes.......to build or box wheel guards....... though can these be painted with good finnish or would bog/putty stick to this....


Super glue.................. to stick ,,,,I know this can ruin plastic windows whilst curing...


i'm almost confident the above would work,,,, though i don't want to go ahead if already tried with little success.... Is there any other "tried & proven" readily accessible materials that can be used for modeling

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Neil: the best thing to build boxed gaurds is styrene sheet. Just look at all packaging that comes into the house.

Styrene about the same thickness as credit cards is ideal.

Slot car boxes are a bit too thick. Superglue is fine for gluing the styrene to the slot car body.

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hi Kalbfelp ,,, The only type of Styrene that comes through the house I can imagine is the .......


Polystyrene- which comes in big block form/mouldings .. I could easily slice this with a decent blade, but this has no strenghth... unlike the hobby shop variety.


Can't think of any other Styrene products that could be laying around the house.... though when you mentioned..... "Credit card" thickness,,, I immediately though of the cards in my wifes purse..... or...... Ice cream containers.....though these are PET....... I guess I'll just have to try to see results

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Neil, I picked up some A4 styrene sheets very cheaply from eBay. Then realised it was the same stuff I used to deal with at the sign shop. So, there's two cheap and simple alternatives for sourcing it.


I went for some fine sheet, 0.5mm thick, to allow for laminating curves, and some thicker at around 1.5mm.

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.5 mm styrene is perfect, easily shaped and easily cut, and stronger than you may think. I use tamiya epoxy putty to compliment the styrene, you end up with a good result that is adequately strong and also fine

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