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Fb Or Ek Holden Scratch Built


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Hi all,

I saw somewhere in on of the many threads I've managed to get through where someone had an FB or EK Holden - hoping it was 32nd scale...


Anyone know if there is/was a kit - or if there has been a scratch build.... I'm thinking it will be my next mission - absolutely no idea where/how to start.


I'm playing around with drinks bottles at present - forming the thin plastic over shapes using a heat gun - getting some useable parts - if I can get something assembled - I might be able to make a mould ..... it won't happen overnight - and may take years.


I'd also be interested in anyone's reply linking me to other early Holdens... FX/J, FE/C, EJ/H, HD/R... I think they stopped making real Holdens about there.... it got a bit silly after that... but there were some iconic models released once plastic became part of the body panels....




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Thanks folk,

I've been in touch with Syd and he tells me I can still get the MJK kit for both EH and FJ.

I have a Caviar models EK sedan - but it's 1/25th scale and a static model - good place to start for a scratch built 1/32'nd though - there are some discrepancies in the model - tail-lights are too big and the fenders over the headlights are too long and pointed - but it's a very well scaled model... yet to be built.


I'm tossing up whether to start building a scratch chassis - I do like the stainless one in the MJK kit... but I would like to have a bash at building up a chassis - if I'm going to have to scratch an EK body.


So, my next question - where to pick up a chassis jig..... I watched the series of video's put together by the US chap (can't remember his name - or the thread) - but he referred to "Sodder" an awful lot which began to grate..... absolutely great chassis build, though... 3/32" brass wire and plate.... and a lot of "sodder"...


I'm gaining a little bit more experience in tuning chassis after my successful run of GT40 work - all cars ran perfectly yesterday - rock solid on my Scaley track.... left the Scaley collection like it was in the grandstand... and, besides being brilliant models - the Carrera just couldn't stick to the track on curves... (Cobra's and Cheetah's).. those thin little tyres on the Cobra's need some attention.. the Cheetah's were better - but nothing like the GT40's with glued and true'd MJK's on them...


About to add some further comments on the GT40 white kit build - so won't double post here.


Lenny B - about to track the Parts Box down.. thanks brb.... ok - yes, they are only 25th and 24th scale - no FB/EK but they do have a lovely looking FC... along with a couple of Monaro's and an FJ.... I see them shown in the pix as slot cars.. but the kits are static..... guess people build their own chassis and add the bodies....


Link -

http://www.thepartsbox.com/ (mods, please delete this if inappropriate).


Thanks again, folk - for chasing this up for me.... I intend to annoy Syd early next year - he supports this forum, and I believe anyone interested in one of the four classic Oz models shown on the MJK site should probably get in touch with him... the posts on those models date back to 2008, the most recent (apart from mine) 2012....


Phil, might be knocking on your door when your models start to take form...


Bram - yes, that's the one - chased it up from a thread buried somewhere within this forum - I was expecting them to be obsolete.. but apparently, they are still available... the WA club use the chassis as the basis for the V8 Supercar class..... it only has the little 19,500 motor in it - which looks to me like a Carrera motor (probably not).. but then - class rules keep everyone in the same playing field, I guess.


thanks again, folk - but if you ever do hear of an FB/EK Holden in 1/32nd - I'd like to know about it....

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Ember is using a honeycomb tile as. Jig, great. cheap option.

I assays suggest a first time builder starts with a piece of MDF Nd some nails for pins of something like the tile.

I have seen plenty of guys pay big money for chassis jigs only to build one chassis and the jig sits around not used again.

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Thanks Phil,

I made up a chassis straightening plate using some 4mm steel - still have some left from an off-cut when I was learning to TIG weld.


I expect I can scribe, punch out and drill a jig without too much difficulty - it's only mild steel and I should be able to drill out a sequence of holes needed for a chassis.

Of course - these can be added with each additional chassis on a needs basis.


I don't know if there is any concern with using steel - as in magnet compromise when building a new chassis... the motor could be spaced with something if it is going to be a concern.


I don't know of the honeycomb tile... any further information would be appreciated... as in, description/pix or from where it can be sourced.




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The steel will make soldering harder as it will draw the heat out of the brass and wire.

I use off cuts from a joiner that makes kitchen bench tops.

You could just drill some holes in the kitchen bench top and work there!


The honeycomb ceramic plates are used in Infra red heaters and gas heaters I am told. But sold as soldering plates.

Check with Lynne she brought hers here in Australia from a Jewlers supplier.

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This is the jig I've been using.


I don't recall the actual retailer I bought it from other than it was a jewelry supplier in Perth. I just Googled "honeycomb ceramic soldering plate" and picked the cheaper one. I did buy a small one because I was particularly looking to do small cars, but there are several sizes.

Computers. They'll never catch on.




Tiny Tyers Targa - The build saga continues - Aging wood - A recipe for staining wood - Don't take a fence - Step by step paling fence - An old shed for my new cars - Wooden garage under construction

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Thanks Phil, and happy birthday, by the way.... there's a Beetles song which you might suffer all day long...


My wife might not quite appreciate me drilling into one of the kitchen bench-tops, tolerant of my hobby insanities such as she is - I don't believe that little venture would go without rebuke.... or the expense of a new kitchen (hope she doesn't read this).


Perfect, Ember - thanks heaps.....

this is what I came up with...




Just added the board to my cart...




If anyone is interested - I believe this company (Australian Jewellers Supplies) may have outlets in the major cities.

I have the option for shipping at $10 anywhere in Oz or to collect from:


5th Floor, Century Building 125 Swanston Street Melbourne Vic 3000




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Addresses for other cities..


2nd Floor, Pavilion Building

226 Albert Street (Cnr Burnet Lane)

Brisbane, Qld, 4000

Phone: 07 3218 6666

Fax: 07 3221 3567

E-Mail: brisbane@ajsonline.com


1st Floor, Dymocks Building

428 George Street

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Phone: 02 8256 2666

Fax: 02 9223 3939

E-Mail: sydney@ajsonline.com


5th Floor, Century Building

125 Swanston Street

Melbourne, Vic, 3000

Phone: 03 9650 3025

Fax: 03 9650 6456

E-Mail: melbourne@ajsonline.com


1st Floor, Rooms 101-103

38 Gawler Place (cnr Rundle Mall)

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Phone: 08 8223 1351

Fax: 08 8223 3160

E-Mail: adelaide@ajsonline.com


Suite 4, 1st Floor, Clarence House

564-568 Hay Street

Perth, WA, 6000

Phone: 08 9225 5835

Fax: 08 9225 6086

E-Mail: perth@ajsonline.com

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Yup. That's the same as the one I got. There are several different sizes available. Apparently they are made for gas heaters.


I'd forgotten about AJS. Used to use them quite a lot for various things when I worked in Collins St.


Ahh....Just found the email from where I got mine. Sunset Crystals Slightly cheaper on both product and postage than the AJS option, But there's only a few $$ in it.

Computers. They'll never catch on.




Tiny Tyers Targa - The build saga continues - Aging wood - A recipe for staining wood - Don't take a fence - Step by step paling fence - An old shed for my new cars - Wooden garage under construction

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