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Bent Digital Controller Plug


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Looking for knowledge in the big pool of tech minds.


Can anyone help me with what parts I need to replace the socket/plug connector on the end of my scalextric digital controller?


I put my big hoof on the cable and yanked it out. There was a fair angle on the plug.

Power is now dependent on which way the cable hangs.


Thanks again.

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Hopefully you haven't damaged the controller port too...


But here's a replacement plug (assuming Scalextric digital)...



There is no special wiring for these, and it's not polarity sensitive. (i.e. either wire can go to either terminal)

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Hey guys, have the same problem with one of my childrens' digital controller pins. I bought one locally but the plastic housing is a touch too bulky to fit into the female port.


Is there a replacement pin that you could reccomend as a good fit. The above link regrettably does not take me to a specific item any longer.


Help please. The kids are driving me up the wall and I cannot help them.





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The reason to grind, the plugs that fit aren't that easy to source.

Grinding the outside diameter of the plug has nothing to do with the powerbase housing, threads or anything else.


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These appears to be the plugs that I've used before, and were shipped on the controllers made by Area 3.




These also look promising...

The extended shank may allow the rest of the plug to clear the body of the powerbase...



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