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Peter Gunns two cars arrived this morning and an SCX Focus body r my poor old SCX Proxy Focus. This poor chassis has been a disaster, this will be the 3th body on that chassis,seems like it should be known as a Forum car.

Thanks very much Keith.

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Mine are nearly ready...

Currently truing my RS200 tyres down to ~20mm from ~22mm...

Man does that take time, and make a mess...

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I'd love to say the Raid vehcile was posted unfortunately in my last ditch attempt to shorten the axle so that the wheels would meet regs, the wheels would continually fall off. Glued them and now I'm not happy with the 4WD system which is being dragged by the fronts and causes the 4WD bands to stretch and in some cases jump from the wheel.


Some days I don't know why I bother, was running sweet as before - oh well I'll have a play over the weekend.

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Yep, overnight from here too.

Damn fast.

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Please withdraw my entry Phil. It's just not happening.

Computers. They'll never catch on.




Tiny Tyers Targa - The build saga continues - Aging wood - A recipe for staining wood - Don't take a fence - Step by step paling fence - An old shed for my new cars - Wooden garage under construction

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I now have all 39 cars here now.

11 WRC,12 Raid and 16 Historic. I have allowed the extra Historic only because the WRC clas did not reach the limit.

19 Ninco,7 SCX,5 MSC,3 Scalex,3 Avant,1fly and 1 Team Slot.


I will publish an updated list for all the cars as I complete the scrutineering.

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