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What Are You Running This Year


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Yes Ben, I remember it very well...

I enjoyed that car so much, I bought my own exactly the same with plans to run it this year...

Unfortunately, life got in the way of entering it...



That said, maybe I'll fit a towbar to Dyl's truck for you...

Anything to slow him down a little...


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cars on the way, and i did not send the second classic to try as i had no time to run it this month.

I made a crazy decision to change the classic wheels last week, i open that they will get a proper clean up before every race as i moved to BRM which does catch more dust than the MJK.



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It will be interesting to see how high it is,a couple of guys asked about this car.

May be a SUB class for next year for lower cars!!!!!

Yah your spot on phil its 42mm high out the box

It's a great looking car but I wouldn't enter this, not the best setup to push to its limits to many belts



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Thankfully, I believe my Raid is done...


But I still need to buy and fit tyres to my RS200, narrow the axle for Mitchell on his 124, and true the tyres on Mitchell's, Corey's and my historic's.

Oh, and I have to paint a RC bodyshell for my mate by Thursday too...


As you say Ben, a busy 1.5 weeks ahead...

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Team no hope Ninco almost ready to go.




Raid is the same as last year except running Phils tyres and some minor body work changes. The other two are like chalk and cheese. After driving all the nice Ninco WRC cars which were rather easy and nice to drive, I decided on the spot that that was what I was going to use this year. I had already done some work on this one so I didn;t do much to it. It is runing Mjks on the rear and is being driven by an NC5. It could be a little more consistent but we will see how it goes. The 037 on the other hand, it is a true Group B car as it has wide tyres and an NSR shark 22 motor :) It is a bit of a handful but ill be interested to see how it goes.


Only a little bit of work to do on them and they will be in the mail.

Some slot (and MTB) vids NOW SHOWING

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Good line up Ben,hope the Lancia gets some inserts?

I have one on my bench ready to test with an NC2 in it, just sorting tyres and wheels for mine,

The standby car is a Fly Porsche.


I hope everyone is having this weekend fine tuning their cars before posting next week.

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Hi Phil. I think one of the back wheels on my RAID truck was slightly outside as standard so will understand if you toss out at scrutineering. Had I put ali wheels on I would have corrected but tried to keep whole car pretty standard and was concerned I would break wheel if I tried to remove as my experience with Ninco wheels is not good.


Sorry about that.


Regards Chas Le Breton

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6x Cars on their way to Tas...


Dylan - Ninco Ford Ranger

Corey - SCX Fiat 124

Mitchell - SCX Fiat 124

Mine - Scaley Ford RS-200 and Ninco BMW X5


And a Semi-Tuned SCX VW Toureg to get Phil's thoughts on, on a real rally track...


Also, I've included a post bag to send back the Toureg once you've had a play, and several extra ones you can use for car returns at the end of the proxy...

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hello Guys,

due to this year result i got a schlesser buggy which cam directly out of the box and on the tunning bench... now i need advices.

here is what i have done so far:

-remove the resistor in serie with the motor

-dropped the car down

-remove the rear suspension

-change the screw to have body roll

-add weigth

-change the wheels front and rear

-zero grip tires in front

-narrow nascar mjk in the rear (they are super grippy)


now, i need to decide about the front suspension and the optimum weight for such car... can i have your 2cts?

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50mm min height of body. tyres min width 22mm and chassis min height 3mm (2.5mm height gear to ground). wheel e ameter must be within a mm front to rear


if u review winning cars you should get an idea on weight idea and placement tips.


interesting that most used thruster motor.

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